Dates January 10 -14, 2022

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    2022-01-13 - XGVela: Microservice UPF design experience and interactions with PaaS platform — 60min

    During the last two month, China Mobile has finished a project to redesign a monosomic UPF using microservice architecture and tools. During this design, the team has summarized several reusable PaaS functionalities and a complete OAM structure for network functions, within which XGVela code CMaaS and TMaaS has been verified. So within this session, Qihui will share the experience they get from microservice UPF design and explain the interactions happened among UPF and selected PaaS functions, which are mainly OAM functions and XGVela CMaaS and TMaaS.

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EMCO Topics

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    2022-01-11 - EMCO: Hands-on experience with demo application. — 60m

    11:30am ET

    EMCO Usage and Deployment of demo application on distributed environment.

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    2022-01-11 - EMCO: Logical Clouds — 60m


    Geo-distributed application/network service-deployment requirements are being driven by Enterprise and Telco requiring presence across multiple geographical locations. There shall be a need to consistently create users, assign roles and give permissions for deploying geo-distributed applications/services across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Moreover, multi-tenancy requirements necessitates auditability, correctness and operational isolation. Automation is the way to ensure the consistency, isolation and auditability

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    2022-01-11 - EMCO: Project overview and Architecture — 60m

    9am ET

    EMCP project was inducted in LFN in Oct 2021.  In this session, we will introduce you to EMCO project.  Specifically, we will talk about

    • Drivers for Edge Computing
    • How EMCO addressing challenges of Disaggregation of application
    • EMCO features at high level
    • EMCO architecture overview
    • OpenAPIs exposed by EMCO and brief overview
    • EMCO use case examples - firewall and Prometheus installation across multiple edge clusters.

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    2022-01-12 - EMCO: Automated Traffic Routing to MEC Application instances — 60m  Ravi Chunduruand Nadathur Sundar,  please modify as necessary.

    9am ET

    This talk will present 

    • Multiple MEC Application deployment scenarios 
    • Automation needed to address these multiple scenarios.

    See Agenda herein for more detail

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    2022-01-12 - EMCO: Lessons in deploying free5GC in K8s clusters from EMCO — 60m

    10:30am ET

    EMCO is feature rich and we thought we can deploy free5GC in a very short time.  But, it took us few weeks to make free5GC deployable on K8s clusters from EMCO.  This session will describe the journey.

    See Agenda herein for additional detail.

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    2022-01-12 - EMCO: Synchronizing resources with target clusters via git — 60m Adarsh Chittilappilly Ritu Sood

    11:30am ET

    EMCO releases till now are able to synchronize the application & network-service resources to target K8s clusters via K8s APIs. Many cloud service providers and a few Telcos have started to use Git mechanism for placing application/network-service K8s services and letting the target cluster (via tools such as fluxv2, ArgoCD) to pull the resources from Git and apply those resources locally.  GitOps tools such as fluxv2, ArgoCD also has ability to periodically check Git repos for any updates, get hold of differences and apply only differences locally.  

    A request to the EMCO team is to add all application/network-services collected via various controllers to the Git repositories and inform the target cluster.  In this presentation, we will talk about  how Microsoft ARC, Google Anthos and GitOps tools work,  and EMCO RSYNC design changes to support GitOps based target clusters.

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: Edge Relocation with EMCO — 30 min Grzegorz Panek

    9:30am ET

    The purpose of this session is to introduce the topic of Edge Relocation and how it might be realized using EMCO.

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: Multidomain orchestration using Terraform & ONAP CDS — 30m, Vivekanandan Muthukrishnan Oleg Berzin

    9am ET

    Integration of EMCO with Terraform, Camunda workflows & CDS, to perform multidomain orchestration

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: Orchestration of Magma — 30m, Yogendra Pal

    8am ET

    Orchestrating Magma using EMCO and ONAP CDS

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: Service Upgrade/update using GUI — 30m, Sandeep Sharma

    8:30am ET

    Upgrade and update of network service using EMCO

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: SFC automation — 60m, 1/13, Eric Multanen

    11am ET

    SFC automation at the edge with EMCO

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    2022-01-13 - EMCO: VNF life cycle management with EMCO and Kubevirt — 30m

    10:30am ET

    Earlier version of EMCO was only able to do the life cycle management of network services with CNFs and CNAs (Cloud native applications). Kubernetes community started to support VNFs and VM based Application using few projects such as Kubevirt.  In this session, we will present our experience in deploying CGNAT VNFs on multiple K8s clusters with EMCO.  As part of this,  EMCO team helped by developing few enhancements in EMCO.

    See Agenda herein for more detail on this session.

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