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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Description

90m, Lincoln LavoieScot Steele

Review the current Anuket value proposition, what has been accomplished thus far, what remains to be completed, and determine what we can accomplish in 2022.

Topic Overview

The Anuket Assured Program has been established as a path for LFN members and vendors to leverage the specifications, tooling, testing, and community resources to validate their solutions according to the requirements and testing created by LFN Projects (i.e. Anuket, ONAP, etc.).  The program is intended to help deliver on the projects' value, through testing and assigning badges according to the requirements defined by the project (i.e. Anuket defines what it means to meet the requirements of the Reference Architecture, ONAP defined what it means for a VNF to meet the VNF requirements).  Within the Anuket Assured 2021 program release (i.e. the first programs to reference the Anuket release artifacts), testing of the infrastructure is generally well represented, while testing of the workload has been less well defined.  In the context of the overall "value" provided through a common set of "reference cloud infrastructure models, architectures, conformance programs and tools to deliver network services faster, more reliably, and securely", the Anuket Assured Program needs to address both the infrastructure and workload categories.  In session, we need to review what we have accomplished and what work remains to fully deliver on the promise of the Anuket Assured Program, to create a list of 2022 deliverables.

Within the Anuket Assured Program, there are 4 key categories of testing:

  1. NFVI Infrastructure
  2. VNF Workloads
  3. Cloud Native Infrastructure
  4. Cloud Native Workloads

Slides & Recording


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  • Live Interactive Session

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  1. Anuket Value Proposition, as original defined with the project kick off (Gergely Csatari) - 5 minutes
  2. Anuket Assured Recap (Lincoln Lavoie) - 5 minutes
  3. Anuket Reference Architecture 2 Recap (TBD) - 5 minutes
  4. Anuket Reference Conformance 2 Recap (Scot Steele) - 5 minutes
  5. ONAP CNF Task Force Recap (TBD) - 5 minutes
  6. CNCF Requirements Recap (TBD) - 5 minutes
  7. Creation of a 2022 Deliverables and Road Map - 30 minutes


Anticipated Participants

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  1. Lincoln Lavoie
  2. Beth Cohen
  3. Scot Steele
  4. Olivier Smith
  5. Marc Price
  6. David McBride
  7. Kenny Paul
  8. Sandra Jackson
  9. Al Morton
  10. Lei Huang
  11. Ranny Haiby
  12. Olivier Smith
  13. @Ryan van WykCatherine Lefevre
  14. Thinh NguyenphuDanny Massa
  15. Scott Steinbrueck
  16. Ulrich Kleber
  17. Rihab Banday
  18. Pankaj Goyal


  • Anuket Mission & Vision
    • Currently developing two technology specific reference architectures (RA1 and RA2)
    • Reference Certification (RC1 & RC2) provides test cases to verify an implementation meets the requirements of the reference architectures.
  • Introducing Anuket Assured at the LFN level.  The board wanted to have a way to badge and verify the value of the projects to the community and help with making more standards across the projects and of course across the industry.  
  • I think it is a great platform to solve real problems than being relegated to communicating with vendor/suppliers engineering teams and off course being able to work with best in class
  • The program is comprehensive because it covers all the layers of the architecture – Infrastructure, workload and lab testing
  • Functional vendors and Telcos are not competing on infrastructure, so the project drives efficiencies in the entire Industry.  That is less true for the infrastructure vendors – need to have a balance for these vendors.
  • CNCF is also working on the development of a set of conformance program for CNF workloads, Gergely setup a doodle poll to get a meeting scheduled:
  • Anuket Assured 2021.10 release documentation:
  • Scope of coverage can drive the value derived from a program.
    • We need to translate that into what is being developed by the project's testing work, such as Anuket RC2, so that work can be consumed / adopted into the Anuket Assured Program.
  • Need to have an environment where the communities can work with "real" examples of workloads (CNFs) (read as commercial) compared with the open source workloads that are sometimes used for testing by the communities.
    • There are  still a lot of proprietary requirements from workloads on the infrastructure, where the vendors of commercial workloads may not want to expose all of those requirements.
  • Programs need to provide very clear steps and process for the vendors, with a clear outcome (i.e. you get badge XYZ) 
  • Work is currently organized across multiple groups / projects
  • Testing should include more than functional testing (i.e. should include capacity and performance testing - how big is it?  how fast is it?).

  • Do we need to ensure Anuket Ambassadors can speak to the Anuket Assured Program?
  • LF staff can help to anonymize input, such as what is tested now by an operator...

Action Items