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Title: CSIT Performance Benchmarking, Anomaly Detection, Results Tracking.

Topic Overview

In this talk we introduce CSIT core sub-project and give an overview of
the ways its Presentation-Analytics-Layer (PAL) component presents test
results. We will focus on performance results and anomaly detection, as a way
to distinguish (probably) real performance changes from the noisy data. And
provide a sneak peak into the way test results data is processed.

Will use performance data from CI/CD automated tests executed on Intel Xeon
(skx, clx, icx), Atom, Arm servers running in labs hosted by LFN

If you are interested in network performance testing in general, or
project specifically, this talk is for you.

Slides & Recording

Interactive session.

Slides: lfn-ddts21-fdio-csit.pdf

Zoom video recording: lfn-ddts21-fdio-csit.mp4


  • Overview
    • VPP and CSIT core projects
  • CSIT
    • Daily Trending and Release Reports
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Data Processing Infrastructure
  • Wrap-up
  • Resources


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