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During the last two month, China Mobile has finished a project to redesign a monosomic UPF using microservice architecture and tools. During this design, the team has summarized several reusable PaaS functionalities and a complete OAM structure for network functions, within which XGVela code CMaaS and TMaaS has been verified. So within this session, Qihui will share the experience they get from microservice UPF design and explain the interactions happened among UPF and selected PaaS functions, which are mainly OAM functions and XGVela CMaaS and TMaaS.

Topic Overview

  • UPF microservice design experience sharing + its requirements on PaaS
  • Interactions happened between UPF and PaaS (several PaaS functionalities and architectures will be provide)
  • Demo

Slides & Recording

XGVela Microservice UPF design experience and interactions with PaaS platform.mp4


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