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Topic Description

30m Morgan Richomme

Overview of stability and resiliency tests since Guilin

Topic Overview

S3P (Scalability, Security, Stability and Performance) is a key topic for the ONAP community. On the first releases, stability tests were performed by the integration team at the end of the release. In honolulu stability tests have been automated and integrated in the CI chains, resiliency tests leveraging Litmus chaos framework have been added in Istanbul (node drain tests).

The goal of this session is to give an overview of what has been done so far, the difficulties, the results, the challenges and what is planned in mid longer term in this area.

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  • ONAP Stability tests by the integration team
  • ONAP Resiliency tests by the integration team
  • ONAP Stress Tests by the integration team


  • Revisiting the past - analysing the previous presentation from last year to determine what our objectives were
  • Presentation of current status of stability, resiliency tests
    • determine issues and blocker
    • show what we use and where to run
  • Goals
  • Conclusions

Action Items