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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Overview

60 minutes

The intent is to solicit inputs for RA-1 in order to adjust the content of Moselle release.

Topics of interest: what else, acceleration,  Telco edge cloud, multi-cloud/hybrid cloud, storage, and automation

Slides & Recording


Live Interactive Session

Slides: LFN-DDTF-2022-01-11-RA1.pdf

Recording: LFN-DDTF-2022-01-Anuket-RA1.mp4


  • Status of Lakelse release and scope of what is covered
  • Brainstorm on what needs to be included/modified in RA-1
  • Acceleration: feedbacks required on the use of Cyborg and on the support of accelerators like FPGA, smartNIC or GPU
  • Telco edge cloud
  • Multi-cloud/hybrid cloud
  • Storage: solutions beyond CEPH
  • Automation: Cloud provisioning, LCM


Quick presentation on RA-1 Lakelse Release


  •  Walter KozlowskiAdd Cyborg to RI and RC?
  •  Beth CohenHW Acceleration in private cloud. What are we doing, for example, for crypto?
  • John HartleyHW Acceleration at Edge is absolutely necessary
    • pls see Edge below
  • Riccardo Gasparetto Stori RA2 has some requirements on HW acceleration
  • Riccardo Gasparetto Storiuse k8s for scheduling of resource requests, consumption and management incl scaling. Plugins for acceleration devices. Examples: encryption acceleration.
  • Karine Sevilla  we need use cases to justify further work on HW ACceleration in RA1. Use case with compute intensive requirements can be a candidate.


  • Is OpenStack relevant for the Edge?
  • Ildiko VancsaWhat constitutes Edge?
  • Beth CohenVZN has several products at the Edge incl. OpenStack at the Edge. Minimal OSTK on 1 or 2 cores. 
    • Another product, K8s on OpenStack allowing customers to run their workloads.
      • Retail, manufacturing, small office environments
    • Tenant management is the tricky point
  • Beth Cohen Ildiko VancsaWindriver deploys services with OpenStack at the edge
  • John Hartley wind river are significant contributer to starlingX project
  •  Gaps: Tools for deployment, config, updates, ...
    • HW disaggregation is still hard
    • Testing and verification support for HW and service chains

Hybrid and multi-cloud

  •  Pankaj Goyal should RA1 deal with hybrid/multi-cloud
    • or just keep to private/on-prem specs
  •  John HartleyAnuket to orchestrate hybrid multi-cloud
  •  Karine SevillaWe must check if services orchestration within a hybrid multi cloud environment is adressed by other communities, such as ONAP
  • Beth CohenIt can be a cross communities topic
  • Walter Kozlowski  John Hartley RM should address orchestration at least for network, interactions needed between RM and RAs
  • John Hartley Check ETSI documents on network orchestration
  • Karine SevillaNo feedback from the audience on OMNI project adoption
  • Ildiko Vancsa OMNI doesn’t seem to be active, the last changes in the repo were ~3 years ago


  •  Cedric Ollivier:
    • From an API point of view, we don't deal with CEPH but storage features exposed by the API
    • CNTT RC1 was also verified vs the default backend used in OpenStack gates
  • John Hartley Should see how Storage Model from RM can be achieved with RA-1 architecture.


  •  This is a key component that I think has been overlooked.
  •  Karine SevillaLack of time to address automation during the session

Action Items