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30 m, Magnus Buhrgard

Discussion on a proposed ONAP presentation in the Multi-SDO AN open meeting series

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TM Forum sent the Multi-SDO Autonomous Networks (AN) Formal Liaison to ETSI, GSMA, ONAP, NGNM, 3GPP SA5, CCSA, IEEE, IETF, ITU-T.

"... we have an opportunity to share, align and harmonize the collective achievements of the leading SDOs to make Autonomous Networks a successful business opportunity and to fully enable digital transformation."

The proposal was initially to create jointly authored M-SDO documents, but based on the feedback from several organizations that seems infeasible. The present proposal is to move to a single series of open meetings during 2022. 

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Interactive session


Background material:

Presentation to TSC December 2nd

Previous presentation on this subject, Liaison statement from TM Forum


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