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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Description

45m, Gilles Thouenon and Christophe BETOULE

Brief overview of TransportPCE roadmap

Topic Overview

This session will give a brief overview of the main functionalities available in TransportPCE feature from Phosphorus release. To help understanding, it is planned to illustrate the presentation with a short demo. Finally, it will be also the occasion to present the main functionalities under development and expected for next releases.

Slides & Recording

Overview of OpenDaylight TransportPCE feature.mp4


  • What is TransportPCE?
  • What are TransportPCE yang models?
  • TransportPCE architecture
  • Demo: 10GE service creation over an OTN/WDM optical transport network
  • Phosphorus functionalities
  • Planned developments


  • General presentation of odl-transportpce feature
  • Reviewed main functionalities available on Phosphorus release, and those planned for next releases.
  • Live demo with an example of one connectivity service available: 10GE service over OTN/WDM optical Transport Network

Action Items