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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Description

30 min, Thomas Kulik Pawel Pawlak

Discussion across ONAP community on how to handle unmaintained code and how it impacts ONAP documentation. Best practices from other projects are welcome.

Topic Overview

Across ONAP release new project appear and some projects are abandoned. It is crucial to agree on how to handle unmaintained code and how this would reflect ONAP documentation.

Slides & Recording

Live interactive session 



  • Much time spent running tests / scans on unused code.
  • Consensus that this needs to be addressed as a priority 
  • Need to stop being "scared" of deprecating unused code.
  • Discussion of the role that obsolete wiki pages play in confusing what is relevant.
  • ODL renames pages as "__DEPRECATED:" 

Action Items

  • Kenny Paul get discussion on a future TAC agenda  
  • Kenny Paul look at kernel model for decision making around unmaintained code.