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Lukasz Rajewski

Marcin Sebastian Krasowski

Seshu Kumar Mudiganti

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40 min + 20 min for question  Lukasz Rajewski Marcin Sebastian Krasowski Seshu Kumar Mudiganti

The purpose of this interactive session is to show the capabilities of the CNF Orchestration in ONAP and its latest additions. Moreover, we want to socialize more with the solution and to show on basic examples what needs to be done in order to onboard your own CNF into ONAP.

Topic Overview

The purpose of the session is to summarize all the capabilities of the CNFO in ONAP and to demonstrate the latest additions of the CNFO introduced for Jakarta, especially synchronization of the information about the CNF to AAI and CNF health check. On exemplary CNF case we will show how the onboarding and instantiation of the CNF in ONAP looks today - step by step, what are the requirements that have to be satisfied to deploy CNF in ONAP, and which steps have to be performed to prepare the onboarding artifact for the deployment of your own CNF - including the changes of the CDS Blueprint Archive. The session will be finalized with further plans for the CNFO implementation.

Slides & Recording

CNF Tutorial.mp4

vFW CNF Use Case Documentation

cnf-automation source code (Apache orchestration) 0 since Jakarta basic_cnf_macro integration smoke test


1. Introduction

2. Changes for CNFO in Istanbul

3. Cnf-Automation demo

4. CNF Tutorial

5. Expected changes for Jakarta+


14:30:36 From Marcin KRASOWSKI (Samsung) : link to apache based cnf repository:
14:38:21 From gervais-martial Ngueko(AT&T) : VF-module is openstack only ?
14:39:30 From Marcin KRASOWSKI (Samsung) : I do not think so as vf-module uses k8s resources
14:39:51 From Marcin KRASOWSKI (Samsung) : not sure if I understand your question correctly, can you clarify ?
14:41:38 From Sai Seshu : VF Module is the design aspect of the SDC, we represent each helm with a VFM
14:42:10 From Sai Seshu : the current processing is per VFM for CNF as it is with the other resources
14:42:21 From gervais-martial Ngueko(AT&T) : ok, it was because you put helm only on the non-vf module side of your drawing
14:42:53 From Sai Seshu : ok, :)
14:42:58 From Sai Seshu : hope this clarifies
14:43:14 From gervais-martial Ngueko(AT&T) : yep it is clear now thanks :-)
14:43:39 From Marian Darula : how did you specify which helm paramters can be overrides ?
14:48:07 From Sai Seshu : Hope this part clarifies your question, was waiting for Lukasz to complete the flow … :)
14:48:24 From Marian Darula : yes, thank you
14:50:52 From Sai Seshu : Any more questions please ?
14:58:44 From Hosty McHostface (no-audio) : time check - 2 mins left in session.

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