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60m Riccardo Gasparetto Stori

What's new in Anuket RA2 - Cloud Native Reference Architecture in the Lakelse release & community discussion for Moselle release

Topic Overview

Overview of the new material introduced in the Lakelse release for Anuket RA2, the Kubernetes-based Telco cloud architecture. Topics include multi tenancy, security, cluster lifecycle management, APIs and Kubernetes features. Plus, discussion with the community on the priorities for the next release and the newest additions to Telco Cloud.

Slides & Recording



RA2 Update - LFN DT Forum Jan 22 - recording.mp4


  • What's RA2
  • Lakelse release highlights
  • New items for Moselle release


  • Intro to RA2
  • Release process
  • Lakelse - what's new?
    • Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.22
    • Add K8s service type specs (Load Balancer, etc)
    • CNI multiplexers
    • Alignment with Anuket RM – security specs
    • Explicitly list Kubernetes APIs and Feature support
    • Multitenancy, workload isolation and Namespaces
  • Moselle release - priorities & open discussion
    • Monitoring & Telemetry - Heather Kirksey RA2 and RI2 working in conjunction with Barometer to ensure consistency
    • CNF packaging - discussion on the scope and relationship between K8s and ONAP / Helm and TOSCA / CaaS and NFVO - Gergely Csatari  Cedric Ollivier Heather Kirksey
    • Moselle should include Application requirements - Gergely Csatari
    • Karine Sevilla Scot Steele Rihab Banday Gergely Csatari - Add Service mesh specs to Moselle
    • Implementation-agnostic CNI multiplexer: Heather Kirkseysuggests raising need of new software implementation project to TSC
    • Multitenancy - Ulrich Kleber highlights Hard Multitenancy implies CaaS Cluster LCM should be in scope - need at least to specify the interface to CaaS manager, like IFA 036, avoiding cloud-specific implementation specs 

Action Items