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This presentation is a discussion of open-source radio access network (RAN) simulations which are used to develop and demonstrate ONAP and OSC end to end use cases.

Topic Overview

There are different open-source projects in the area of simulation of radio access networks (RAN) such as ONAP RAN-Sim, OSC O1 sim, ONAP/OSC A1 Simulator, which are oriented towards development and demonstration of end-to-end use cases with accurate representation of interfaces such as O-RAN O1 and A1. There are also software simulations of a cellular radio network (e.g., based on ns3) which include physical layer channel and mobility models. This presentation will review the current ONAP and OSC simulation projects, and present ideas about how the community can make progress towards a RAN simulation framework meeting the purpose of end-to-end use cases. The objective is to generate discussion and gather feedback from the community.

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Presenters reviewed the activity in ONAP and OSC in the area of RAN Simulation, and discussed recommendations for future work.

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