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Brief introduction about Telco-vendors collaboration pattern - DevIntOps, which would leads to faster delivery and better quality of NFV in production ENV.

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As NFV technology decoupled different components, it also brings the complexity of integration and interoperation. In production NFV deployment, it always  involves multiple vendors, hardware vendor, storage vendor, integration vendor etc, the deployment is “blackboxed”, the speed and quality could be uncertain and uncontrollable. In order to optimize the delivery, Telco operators need to get their hands dirty, go deep into the integration and deployment , to build a Telco-vendors collaboration pattern - DevIntOps.  

DevIntOps: adding an integration stage between vendors "Development" stage and production "Operation" stage, "Integration" stage means continuously integrate and deploy NFV in  Telco lab, continuously verify if products from different vendors can integrate and works good with others.  By doing pre-integration, we would be able to detect issues or gaps before production deployment, and so their will be enough time for optimize the integration procedure or fix issues with patches.  

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Awesome presentation

  • 1, Promoting more close collaboration between vendors and operator by continuous integration multiple vendor products, continuous testing, continuous optimizing.

    2, Promoting Pre-integration and Pre-deployment before production deploy, will help improve the quality and save time.


1, Openstack deploy could be very complex, hard to fully automate deploy and upgrade

2, Not easy to define which vendor should be responsible for the defect, suggesting apply RC testing.

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  1. can we get slides here ?

    1. Yes, it was  in attachments,  

      I just add the link