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60m Adarsh Chittilappilly Ritu Sood

11:30am ET

EMCO releases till now are able to synchronize the application & network-service resources to target K8s clusters via K8s APIs. Many cloud service providers and a few Telcos have started to use Git mechanism for placing application/network-service K8s services and letting the target cluster (via tools such as fluxv2, ArgoCD) to pull the resources from Git and apply those resources locally.  GitOps tools such as fluxv2, ArgoCD also has ability to periodically check Git repos for any updates, get hold of differences and apply only differences locally.  

A request to the EMCO team is to add all application/network-services collected via various controllers to the Git repositories and inform the target cluster.  In this presentation, we will talk about  how Microsoft ARC, Google Anthos and GitOps tools work,  and EMCO RSYNC design changes to support GitOps based target clusters.

Slides & Recording




  • A brief introduction about EMCO 
  • Instantiate/Terminate/Update sequence flows.
  • RSYNC role and its capabilities
  • GitOps
  • Microsoft ARC and GitOps
  • Akraino/ICN and fluxv2 based GitOps
  • EMCO enhancements to support GitOps
  • Target releases and roadmap
  • Feedback and Q&A


Action Items