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Topic Description

Presentation of DT's "TNAP" portal architecture and demo

Topic Overview

Presentation of DT's ONAP based "TNAP" portal architecture.

Demo of the portal

Duration: 40 min 

Slides & Recording



01 Intro
Why we do what we do?
Who we are?
02 Portal Development
How do we do it?
03 Demo
Where are we right now?
04 Issues
How to cope?
05 Outlook
What is planned next?


  • Georg and Andreas showed the presentation about the Deutsche Telekom Portal
    • Team
    • TNAP Architecture
    • Portal Architecture
    • Implementation details and used tools/frameworks
  • Live Demonstration of the Portal
    • App-Starter
    • Model instantiation
    • Service Instances (Topology view)
    • Alarm Management (DT own DCAEplus implementation)
  • Q+A:
    • Q: Which release of ONAP is being used ?
      • A: We currently moved to "Instanbul" and will try to stay as close as possible to the latest release.
        The demo was shown on "Honolulu"

Action Items