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ONAP, GitOps & Argo

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Argo CD helps us, doing GitOPs in the "TNAP" project and install ONAP and TNAP components.
In this presentation/demo we would like to share the concept and our experiences.

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It will be a mixture between the theory, why it is a good idea to split the monolithic oom repo, into many smaller repositories, and how to deploy ONAP in a cloud native way, with Argo CD.

There will be a live demo, how to view ONAP components in Argo CD and how to update & troubleshot ONAP components.

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YouTube is fine (smile) 

Slides & Recording

LFN-2021-DDTF-ppt_Bachmann_Geissler_How DT deploys ONAP with the help of Argo CD.mp4


For sure it will be awesome

  • We introduce the principles of GitOps and how they are used inside of DT, and how Argo CD is able to help with that
  • A live demonstration, to update and troubleshoot ONAP components in our environments


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  1. One of the users of EMCO is using flux2 for GitOps.  Curious to know how you compare flux2 with ArgoCD.