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Topic Description

60m, LIN MENGAhila P

Overview of the features achieved in Istanbul release and the demo on E2E Network Slicing use case will be covered in this session.

Topic Overview

E2E Network Slicing use case demonstrates the 5G network slicing with all the management functions  (CSMF, NSMF, NSSMFs) maintained internally within ONAP. This also supports the E2E Slice life cycle operations with external NSSMFs. A new approach in which NSMF responsible for all the TN slices (TN- front haul, mid haul & back haul) will also be covered whereas RAN NSSMF is responsible for TN- front haul and mid haul in the previous release. 

Slides & Recording



E2E Network Slicing_Istanbul_Release_Demo.mp4

Supporting Logs



  • Presentation on E2E Network Slicing Overview, Istanbul release highlights
  • Demo on the below scenarios
    • E2E Network slice allocation with all internal NSSMFs
    • E2E Network Slice reuse with CPS integration
    • E2E Network Slice Reuse and Termination using external NSSMfs (Option 2)
    • NSMF driven TN Slices allocation


Action Items