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Topic Overview


Present current state of modelling Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure in Anuket Lakelse specifications in view of evolving telecommunications industry, and lead an open discussion on the topics requiring attention in future Anuket releases.

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

  • Current industry challenges around Hybrid Multi-Cloud for  telco operators and technology suppliers
  • Current Anuket Lakelse model of Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure - Actors and Interactions, Security, Automation
  • Discuss topics needed further development in Anuket model of Hybrid Multi-Cloud


Other Observations

  •  Beth CohenThe hyperscalers are not very friendly about their customers who want to use multiple cloud vendors.  That is where the Telcos can really shine.  I think that the hyperscalers do NOT want to become regulated entities – so they will shy away from anything that might possibly make them a "utility".
  •   Bob Monkman Besides offering protection from lock-in, are there other benefits for the customer to have multi cloud service? Some environments may be better for different use cases. Also the geo example Pankaj raises seems sensible
  • Beth Cohen Many are using it so they can pick best of breed capabilities.  Also geographic diversity.  HA reasons also. 
  • John Hartley Edge is commonly a different platform from the core, so there is a built in motivation to support multi-cloud.
  •  Hyperscalers do not have the experience of delivering services over a WAN environment.
  •  Telcos do not have experience on offering cloud? Agree - Disagree?  Some of the Telco's attempted to compete with the hyperscalers a few years ago.  I think for the most part telcos have gotten out of the business. (Verizon/Terremark)
  • NOTE: Key issue is deliberate diversity (lack of harmonization) and hence need for operators to manage this.
  • the new sandbox LFN project, EMCO, should be able to provide capabilities in this area in conjunction with Anuket
  • XGVELA is focussing on Telco PaaS assuming that Anuket will specify general PaaS services (LB, DB, DNS, etc.)

Other Use Cases

  • Special purpose clouds such as Game clouds?

Operator Story: Other Viewpoints

  • Should Anuket focus on supporting the telco use of multi-clouds for their own use?
  • Support for telco customers to allow them to connect to multi-clouds.
  •  NOTE: Specific regulatory needs such as: Lawful Intercept (voice) and IP source/dest logging are generic (and not contained to particular local regulation)

What are the Key Industry Drivers?

  •  Telcos and customers want to remain flexible and use the hyperscalers and their own private clouds as it fits the use cases best.
  •  would there be use-specific clouds? such as a "Game Cloud"? Other areas?
    • what would the reqts for such use-specific clouds be?

What are the Challenges for Telcos and HCOs?

  •  Working together when they have two very different motivations and business drivers

What should Anuket Focus on? Specify?

  •  Ulrich KleberWhat do we expect from multi-cloud? Management, Interactions to be considered, etc.?
  • Karine Sevilla Anuket should differentiate 2 use cases: multi cloud to offer services to customers and multi cloud to host telco internal services
  •  Gergely CsatariHCOs will not standardize and so Vendors have to step into the breach. What role does Anuket play?
  • Bob Monkman Anuket could be specifying requirements in multi cloud management, it would seem.
  • John HartleyMarket will not deliver a "single pane of glass".
  • Karine SevillaAnuket can provide requirements for a "single pane of glass", and also for operations and assurance
  • Pankaj GoyalResource level abstractions and generic operations on them.
  • Beth CohenAnuket can provide the requirements for the tools to support multi-cloud environments
    • requirements can be used for assurance programs
    • Some of the AI work can automate some of these requirements
  • Hybrid includes private/on-prem cloud and public clouds working in tandem/co-operatively
  • Are there a set (small) of PaaS services that should be included in Anuket reqts? What services? What should be specified about these services? Features, interactions, management, control, ...?
  • Karine SevillaAnuket can develop on security requirements and generic regulatory requirements

Action Items