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Topic Description

30m Kevin Timoney

Upgrade and rollback of database objects to work with required ONAP release 

Topic Overview

Investigation of available technologies (liquibase and flyway) and why we chose our own solution.

Overview of how "policy-db-migrator" works - easy to use shell scripting solution which was easy to integrate with OOM.

"policy-db-migrator" features : Automatic version detection. Partial upgrade/downgrade in case of failure.

How implementing "policy-db-migrator" helped the project - benefits of pre-installed schema over JPA.

Looking forward - success in this area has led to us taking on other database related work - back up and restore, high availability and making control loop/policy framework database agnostic in the future to allow user to choose between mariadb and postgres. 

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Awesome presentation

  • Overview of  new upgrade/rollback functionality / Demo


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