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    2021-06-09 - TF: 5G Private TF/Akrino Blueprint Demo & Build — 60m, Sukhdev Kapur

    This session will cover working with the TF Build Environment, how to get started building TF from scratch, and how to produce kernel modules and other artifacts to add support for new distros and kernels to TF.

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    2021-06-09 - TF: Diving into TF - Bite Sized Lab Environments — 60m, Nick Davey Alexandre Levine

    Diving into Tungsten Fabric -Bite size environments for Kubernetes and OpenStack Labs.

    This talk will cover the common installation options required to deploy OpenStack and Kubernetes environments for use with Tungsten Fabric. Using the tf-ansible-deployer and container-builder manifests we will explore the common deployment architectures of TF that can be used for lab/validation. We will also provide an overview of how these examples can be modified for use in higher scale/complexity labs and deployments.

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    2021-06-09 - TF: Release Process and Planning — 40min, Marek Chwal James Kelly

    This topic covers the updated Tungsten Fabric release process and plans for our releases in the upcoming 6 months. 

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    2021-06-10 - TF: Managing Kube-Sprawl with TF — 60m, Sukhdev Kapur Nick Davey

    The trend in edge computing and Kubernetes is to deploy a large number of clusters across a wide area network, or across public clouds. This topic will focus on the capabilities of TF that can stitch together Kubernetes clusters and provide seamless networking across disparate clusters.

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    2021-06-10 - TF: Multicluster Application Aware Security — 60m, Prasad Miriyala

    This session will provide an overview of how scalable application centric policies can be used to deliver multi-cluster and multi-orchestrator security. An overview of multicluster overlay networking, and application security will be provided before diving into key enhancements in multicluster policy management. 

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    2021-06-10 - TF: Transition to the Cloud Native Telco Cloud — 60m, Shean Leigon

    This topic will cover the features and enhancements in TF that are allowing Telco Cloud deployments to adopt modern Cloud Native practices. This will include an overview of dynamic data plane learning and aliveness validation, BGPaaS for containers, and policy aware routing for multi-interface containers. This session will also cover key advanced networking concepts required to deliver network slicing.

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