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30m Chuyi Guo  Lei Huang Beth Cohen Yan Yang

Follow up to NFV testing White Paper – What test suites are needed in the Lab and what other work needs to be done, which will include:

1.What are the common requirements/ information for doing Cross-organization automatic testing

2.What is the requirements for supporting NFs in the testing process considering 5G background

3.AI/ML testing platform

4.Other potential requirements

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Live Interactive Session

EUAG NFV Testing Next Steps.mp4

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Awesome presentation

  • ETSI and 3GPP Testing framework development in progress
  • Looking for more use cases and requirements for supporting VNF testing, for example 5G frameworks


Part 2 - Network intelligent testing and Certification Requirements

Need to determine the scope of the interaction between other platforms.  See slides for details.

Vendors are encouraged to participate in this work.

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