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60m, David McBride

Review and discuss newly developed Anuket release process.  If time permits, we will also look at the schedule for the Lakelse release.

Slides & Recording

Live interactive session

Presentation: Anuket Release Process Overview-2.pdf

Recording: Release Process Review - Discussion.mp4


Anuket release process

  • Introduction
  • Milestones and processes
  • Open items / To do
  • Lakelse release schedule (if time permits)


  • Attendees: David McBride Jim Baker Heather Kirksey Scot Steele Cedric Ollivier Georg Kunz Gergely Csatari Ildiko Vancsa Karine Sevilla Rihab Banday
  • Fusing CNTT specification releases and OPNFV software development releases has been the source of this challenge
  • Apply the first draft of the release process to Lakelse release
  • May or may not introduce a new RC each release - it is desirable to understand the RC changes each release
    • Cedric Ollivier Attend the RC meetings is the best way to understand the RC plan.
      • RC used to verify a RI will be released several cycles earlier
  • Neither RC[1,2] have a workstream lead - Cedric Ollivier asked to be removed (it's fully unclear due to the GitlabCI/CD migration and due to the new release process making far too much imbalances between TSC and contribution).

Action Items