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60 min Karine Sevilla , Walter Kozlowski (Europe & APAC leaders) 

Security is key within a virtualized environment, it's an important topic for Anuket which aims to specify a trusted Cloud Infrastructure for workloads.

During this session, we will discuss the updates made to the Reference Model for Kali release: open source software security, automation security challenges...

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Recording: Cloud Infrastructure Security.mp4


Live Interactive Session


  • Reference Model security status
  • GSMA cross collaboration
  • Security updates included in Kali
  • Next steps


  • RM Security Chapter 7
  • Cedric Ollivier: recommend to TSC to "Expand CVE from Functest to other Anuket projects and make the req.sec.oss.001 and req.sec.oss.002 requirements mandatory in the Anuket release process."
  • Cedric Ollivier: req.sec.code.004 - IDE Plugins are not the best way to check. It's better to run them in gates and not recommend any IDE.
  • Tools where do they belong – RM, RA, RI and RC?
  • Cédric Ollivier: Trivy is an easy tool to integrate in testing chain, Clair will be more difficult to integrate.
  • Cedric Ollivier: kube-monkey (chaos monkey)
  • The Six Pillars appears to be "waterfall" stages – need to ensure that the activities can be incorporated in an agile methodology too.

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