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60m Beth Cohen @Yuhan Zhang Lei Huang 

Working Session for the AI/ML White Paper – gather requirements from the community for targeting projects , include:

  1. Requirements of application scenarios
  2. Network intelligence R&D strategy
  3. Ecology strategy
  4. Challenges in intelligent network
  5. Data/model sharing platform
  6. AI/ML testing platform
  7. Other potential requirements...

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  • Discussion of Survey findings
  • Proposed Projects 


Presentation by Yuhan ZhangDiscussion related to how to have a shared data model across the industry.  Gergely Csatarisees the benefit of creating a data set that can be shared with Vendors and Operators alike.  WP: where is this headed (1-3 years, 3+years), Use cases (now and in pipeline), Interested in 1-3 year focus for use cases.  Looking at short term use cases – practical next steps.  Possible use case: AI/ML assisted Closed Loop Automation (for QoS, …)  Considering the challenge in obtaining data.. at Anuket project we are.  Will the white paper specify the link between the AI /ML function block to the current network tools and management such as network telemetry?  Use cases help frame the discussion to move the project forward.  Based on the use cases can identify the data that is needed for the given use cases.  Makes it actually a useful definition.

The respondents were both wireless and wireline – many of the use cases apply to both – so focus on transport agnostic type uses.  Responses were balanced across technologies, many operational interests.  How do we simplify operations to improve operations as well as allow for easier implementation of new technologies into the systems. 

Questions from participants:
What is the definition of intelligent network here? I guess it is different from 3G IN. What do you mean on unified platform?

Intelligent Network has a well-defined meaning within the Telco environments. Same for Advanced Intelligent Networks. So, another term should be used so that it is not confusing.
Agreed with Pankaj view its difficult to understand it from current naming

Networking" network"  working on Synthetic Data generation using techniques such as GANs.

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