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10m,Catherine Lefevre; 40m,Byung-Woo Jun Prabhjot Singh Sethi Amar Kapadia; 10m, Q&A

A new TSC Task Force was created on January 20th, 2021 in order to define ONAP added-value for Enterprise Business.

This session will share the role of ONAP in the 5G Super Blueprint and share how the ONAP Platform will interact with the Magma open source platform

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  • Presentation followed up by Live Q&A Interactive Session

Deck: ONAP For Enterprise - LFN DDF June 2021

Recording: Onap For Enterprise_2021 DDF June


  • Introduction of ONAP for Enterprise Business Task Force
  • How to integrate Magma Platform with the ONAP Platform?


Presentation by Amar Kapadia , Prabhjot Singh SethiByung-Woo Jun - refer to attached slides.

Q: How much has been implemented?

A: This is WIP. Some of the work is pending the delivery of the CNF Access Gateway by Magma, expected soon

Q: Where can people find information about the progress of the work?

A: ONAP 'Enterprise Taskforce' wiki page: 

Mailing list:

Q: Will DCAE be used for metrics collection?

A: Yes. This is part of the plan

Q: Will DCAE collect application layer metrics only, or will it be used for cloud infrastructure metrics?

A: DCAE is already used for both layers, so it is expected to be used in the same manner for Magma, collecting both Magma metrics and K8S metrics.

Q: The presentation mentioned AI/ML. How will they be used?

A: Closed loop automation is one area where AI/ML may be used based on historical data. Root cause analysis is another.

Q: What is the time frame for the 5G super blueprint?

A: There are two similar initiatives - ONAP for Enterprise, and 5G super blueprint. For the super blueprint, the first phase is expected by end of June, when the AGW will be a CNF. Second phase will add ONAP orchestration, still with commercial RAN, and third phase will include O-RAN. 

Q: Will the 'VNF-based', existing version of Magma be used?

A: Since the CNF version of magma is just around the corner, the plan is to use this version. If other parties are interested in the VNF version, they are welcome to join the effort. The Magma AGW may come in the form of a physical device, so it would make sense in the future to treat it as a PNF and leverage the ONAP PNF Plug&Play functionality.

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