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30 min Pankaj Goyal Karine Sevilla

Which OpenStack release to select as a baseline for the next RA1 release?

Following RM's developments on acceleration, RA1 must evolve to integrate these new requirements.

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Recording: OpenStack Release Selection.mp4


OpenStack Release Selection

  • Current RA1 OpenStack release Baseline
  • OpenStack releases available for selection
  • RM evolution requiring new OpenStack features
  • Which OpenStack release baseline for Lakelse?


Current OpenStack baseline is Train (since Baraque)

The aim is to move to a newer release - Wallaby

  • New features and functionality
  • Important new requirements to deliver on
    • HW acceleration
      • Cyborg added a lot of new functionality since Train including a new v2 API that's not complete in Train
    • Edge requirements
    • Security
    • LCM
  • Extended maintenance phase for Train
  • Functest is ready to support the latest releases which can help cover testing in Anuket
  • OS support
    • Red Hat OSP 19 LTS will be on Wallaby
    • Canonical - Ubuntu 22.04 will be Xena
  • Airship
    • installer with manifest files that can be recreated based on the docs in Airship to cover newer OpenStack releases than Train
      • needs to be done by Anuket contributors
      • alignment with Airship team in Anuket is needed
  • Concerns
    • Jumping multiple releases? Migration?
      • OpenStack has a support for fast-forward upgrades to move ahead with multiple releases
      • A lot of effort going into backward compatibility
    • Need to define an MVP?
      • For OpenStack, RA1 only specifies a minimal set of services – a subset of OpenStack services
    • Is it doable for RI for the Lakelse release?
      • RA1 is developed as a spec that RI will follow in the a release after Lakelse
  • No objections from the people on the call!

Outcome - Suggestion is to move to OpenStack Wallaby

Action Items

  • Lakelse RA1 scope: upgrade specifications to OpenStack Wallaby release