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45 min | Gergely Csatari Riccardo Gasparetto Stori | CET, EET

Let's review where are with RA2 and what will be our targets for Lakelse release.

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  • Live Interactive Session

2021-06-10 - Anuket - RA2 status and next steps.mp4


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  • Retrospective of Kali for RA2
  • Plans of RA2 for L release


  • Backlog for Lakese
    • Alignement with RM
      • Edge Cloud
        • High level description and finding out if there is anything extra what is needed for Edge Cloud support
      • SFC
        • An enhancement pr is under review what brings lots of enhancements
        • Let's check if the final SFC chapter is applicable for RA2
      • Security
    • Explicit list of supported API-s and Kubernetes objects
    • Multitenancy, workload isolation and Namespaces
    • Sync SIG Features tables with specs
    • How to manage the application dependency of different CNI multiplexers
      • There is no common annotation for CNI multiplexers
      • Anuket should provide a way to to consume the interfaces in an infrastructure agnostic way
    • CNF packaging
      • We should reuse the CNF packaging format the ONAP community is working on
    • ServiceTypes/NodePorts/LoadBalancers
    • Chapter 6
      • Add a note that it is draft in Kali release. It lists the most obvious features, but misses some features required by Kali release of RA2
      • Finish the work on Lakese release

Action Items