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45 min | Gergely Csatari | EET

Documentation of Anuket is developed in different places and delivered to different places. I think we should keep the option to develop the documentation in different places, but we should deliver the documentation to a single place with similar look and feel. Let's discuss if this is an agreable target and what are the alternatives to achieve it.

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Recording: Working towards a consolidated documentation.mp4


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Goal: Consistent documentation for Anuket = all Anuket project and spec docs available from same root access point and common look & feel

Theme Selections

OPNFV & CNTT Repos remain in GitHub and pointers will be setup in GitLab for archive and reference

Anuket will have a repo in GitLab when 

Suggestion: Rename the OPNFV Repo to Docs. 

ReadtheDocs is not dependent on repo location, We just need to identify the repos as the base material.

CNTT Finalized Readthedocs connected to Anuket Readthedocs 

Need an Anuket Theme - to replace OPNFV theme.

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