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45m, Rihab Banday James Gu

In this session we will review the current status of the RI2 Kuberef and Airship projects and plan the next steps forward. A special focus will be on the requirements, gaps and conformance and how we can best work together.

Slides & Recording

Recording: RI2 Status and Next Steps.mp4


  • RI2 Current Status
  • Requirements review
    • Are we ready for the L release?
  • Next steps
  • Gaps


  • RI2 Current Status
    • Need for actual implementation of RA2. Solved by creating the Kuberef project
    • (Cedric) How to improve and get better test results
      • Biggest issue right now is rate-limiting of Docker Hub
      • Either use credentials or deploy local repo with images
      • Bring to TSC and LFN IT
    • (Pankaj) How well are we aligned with RA2 (Kali)
      • RI2 lagging behind RA2, which is expected
      • Currently updating traces directly in RA2 master, which might need to change
      • Need to document gaps in RI2, e.g. need for additional HW
      • Use the release/versioning of RA2 as a reference
    • For Kubespray, there is ongoing work looking into operating systems and deploying in VMs
      • Some work has already been done with VMs, but it still needs to be integrated with existing Kuberef code and scripts
    • (Cedric) Align K8s version with Cedric/RC2 to have backported tests available
    • Current adhoc GitLab Kuberef CI 
      • (Cedric) easy to setup once we pass all testcases

Action Items