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30m, Sriram Rupanagunta

In this session, we will show how to integrate ONAP network slicing with a commercial 5G core. We present the options that are available in ONAP for such an integration, and show a demo of the feature, by creating network slicing templates from ONAP SDC, create a core network slice, activating it (from ONAP UUI), and running a test using a commercial UE/gNB simulator. We also present the future roadmap, and what other possible integration options are available with ONAP Network slicing. 

Slides & Recording

Slides are attached: 


  • Concept of slicing in 5G/3GPP
  • ONAP view of slicing
  • ONAP Slicing - Future enhancements and roadmap
  • Network Slicing Demo (with Altran 5GC & Kaloom UPF)
  • Minutes

There was no time for Q&A after the presentation and demo. 

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