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Current Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Lincoln Lavoie to create a release tracking table (i.e. items needed for release and their status).
Lincoln Lavoie2019-09-09 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Trevor Lovett will make an initial proposal for the list of sub-tests for VNF Validation testing.
Trevor Lovett2019-08-12 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Dan Xu Need some additional input from Dovetail team on the format / structure of sub_tests.
Dan Xu2019-08-12 CVC Meeting Minutes
Victor Gao2019-08-12 CVC Meeting Minutes
Victor Gao2019-08-5 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Rabi Abdel to work on assigning test case review for the TOSCA based VNFs.  TVNFRQT project started this for the HEAT VNFs.
Rabi Abdel2019-07-08 CVC Meeting Minutes

Past Meeting Minutes

Even older meeting minutes (non-wiki based)