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Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Notify group once Anuket Assured link is fixed.
2022-05-16 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-05-16 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-05-02 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Sandra Jackson to update the page for the links and changes above in Items 3 & 4.
Sandra Jackson2022-03-28 CVC Meeting Minutes
Sandra Jackson2022-03-28 CVC Meeting Minutes
Lincoln Lavoie2021-07-19 CVC Meeting Minutes


2022.r1 Release

  • Brandon Wick to update the lfnetworking verification site to link to the Gitlab program documentation and the legal documentation (docusign).
  • Brandon Wick to update the page to link back to the lfnetworking page and update the page to align with messaging for Anuket Assured program overall.

Developer Event Planning

Any other business