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Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Lincoln Lavoie2021-04-05 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Kanagaraj Manickam will kick off a requirements discussion on email, to lead into a gap analysis.
Kanagaraj Manickam2021-04-05 CVC Meeting Minutes
  • Lincoln Lavoie to post the Benu Network application to the live site once they activate their LFN membership.
Lincoln Lavoie2020-03-16 CVC Meeting Minutes


Hacking Track Status

  • Moving forward.  There are slides / updates for the upcoming board meeting.
  • Opportunity for a Webinar on this topic to help drive interest / participation into the session.

TOSCA VNF Validation Status

  • Have almost completed all the development work, just bug fixes remaining.
  • Weitao Gao confirmed the SDC enhancements are not required for the badge testing (El Alto will be able to fully support the badge).
  • Looks of discussions about "ETSI Compliance" during OSN Days, and it would be good to understand how this work will impact the existing projects (VNFRQTS, VNFSDK, VVP, etc.)
  • TOSCA test cast is still missing from VNFRQTS, this was assigned here:

HEAT VNF Validation Status

  • All code review is completed and merged.
  • Working on last minute testing and documentation.
  • Lincoln Lavoie to work with Trevor Lovett to spec out requirements for user documentation for the upcoming OVP release (i.e. running testing without Dovetail).


  • Lincoln has submitted some slides to CNTT meeting to provide an overview of CVC, its structure and relationship to the board and other projects
  • ONS Un-conference will have a session CNTT testing framework, etc.
  • CNTT will be discussing some future requirements / evolution for the OVP programs, which will likely drive our work plan for 2020.
  • Keynote Panel Compliance & Verification (Topics to raise during discussions)
    • Lincoln will highlight up coming release in 2019 to support VNF Validation
    • Hacking Track for upcoming Plugfest / DDF, that is aimed at December / January time-frame
  • Items for the LFN Board 
    • Will provide an update on the expected 2019 release for VNF Validation Testing.
    • Where do we go from here and how will CNTT feed into these directions.
    • Lincoln Lavoie  will provide the slides to the committee to review.

SDC Updates for support of OVP

  • Represented the materials from last week (September 9, 2019) to larger audience.
  • Lincoln Lavoie to setup a slot during the un-conference for this topic at ONS.

Any other business

  • None

1 Comment

  1. Bryan Whittle Rabi Abdel Lincoln Lavoie - Per the request during the meeting, I compiled the list of questions AT&T has regarding the SDC certification/compliance testing.  I sent them to the mailing list:

    Feel free to reply to the list or the topic can be discussed further at ONS.