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Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Lincoln Lavoie2021-07-19 CVC Meeting Minutes


Release 2021.10

  • Legal documents: Still in review with LF lawyers, aiming to finalize as soon as possible.
  • Landscapes: Session today with Brandon WickLincoln Lavoie, and Trevor Bramwell to review JSON requirements
    • New revision from developer, removed mouse overs on non-verification "tabs".
    • Request to make the "Cloud Native / NFVI / Category" fields a little larger.  Need to keep product names and descriptions smaller to allow for company input.
  • First Testers:
    • Heather Kirksey is still in discussions with a couple of member companies on their first results submissions.

Release 2022.r1

  • How to focus and address "Cloud Native" requirements within the Anuket, or larger LFN community.
  • How to ensure there are some specifications embedded within the Anuket RA2 for cloud native workloads, that can be referenced by the Anuket RC2?
  • During LFN January Developer conference, there is an RC2 session on the terms / glossary for the RC2 documentation.  CVC participants are encouraged to participate in this session.
  • Agreement to create a session around validating the Anuket / LFN "value proposition" and are we delivering on that full vision.  The outcome of the session should establish a proposed set of goals and level setting for 2022 to deliver on that value proposition.
  • Need to encourage participation with member leadership teams to come and "listen in" to the discussion and help provide feedback on the outcome topics (i.e. not just developers participating, need to build and answer the business drivers).
  • Lincoln Lavoie to create proposal for January developer conference on the "value proposition" discussion and delivery planning.  Will note Scot Steele as a co-leader for the session.

Any other business

  • Next Meeting: December 6, 2021