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  1. Lincoln Lavoie
  2. Rabi Abdel
  3. Trevor Lovett
  4. Fernando Oliveira
  5. Steven Wright
  6. Ryan Hallahan
  7. Jim Baker
  8. Kenny Paul
  9. Kodi Atuchukwu
  10. Ramesh Nagarajan



VNF Validation MVP

  • Continue work on the VNF Validation Minimum Viable Product
  • Reviewed and updated slides for the ONAP TSC meeting on June 6, 2019.
  • Gerrit review for the test case template, needs additional input for TOSCA: 
    • Need additional input on the procedure (steps) to understand how "different" TOSCA will be from heat.  This will provide some guidance on how to best add coverage for both VNF types.
    • Need input to ensure the pass/fail requirements will apply equally to both VNF types.
  • DDF Events
    • Three sessions (2 on TOSCA and 1 one MVP Road map): Schedule, June '19
      • June 11: 10:15am - TOSCA session
      • June 11: 3pm - Road map session
      • June 13: 9am - TOSCA session
    • Primary goal from the road map session is to create the work plan, milestones, and delivery dates for the components
    • Should the plugfest OVP session include some review training, will add this as a topic to that session.
    • Lincoln & Rabi will be participating remotely during the DDF sessions.
  • Kenny Paul and Jim Baker will work on some key messages for the event opening remarks to promote the OVP programs, and specifically the VNF testing during the plugfest session.

Any other business

  • None