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Representing Company

Brandon WickLFN
Amar KapadiaAarna Networks

Olivier SmithMATRIXX
Fahad Al Rhilisolutions by stc
Neil HoffNIWC Pac
Mohan Koushik TupakulaInflux


Pradnesh DangeRebaca 
Kenny PaulLFN
Amy ZwaricoAT&T
Amaro Oliveira
Avneesh Balyan
Satish Verma
Ali TizghadamTelus
Kader Khan
Trishan de LanerolleLFN
Wes Eddy

Proposed Agenda:

  • Start Recorder- helps facilitate minutes and Action Items
  • Antitrust
  • Welcome 1st Time Attendees
  • LFN Developer & Testing Forum Recap
  • ONE Summit Update
  • 5G Cloud Native Network Demo/POC/Lab Update
  • Lab Resources
  • Diagrams Overview
  • Projects Integration
  • Rules of the Road
  • 5G SBP Workstreams
  • AOB


Meeting Recording Available Here

LF Anti-trust

  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.

Welcome 1st Time Attendees

Welcome all. new attendees. If you have any questions about participating in this effort, please send to Brandon Wick ( and Louis Illuzzi (

LFN Developer & Testing Forum Recap

ONE Summit Update

5G Cloud Native Network Demo/POC Update

Lab Resources

Current labs supporting the 5G Cloud Native Network are Kaloom & UNH-IOL. Going forward, more labs are needed/welcome as hosting options. Call with CENGN last week with an early exploration for this. Servers will be needed that may or may not come from Lab hosts. 5G SBP participants are asked to consider donating servers as needed to initiative.

Diagrams Overview 

  • 5G Cloud Native Network Demo/POC Diagram (detailed) + Expanded Overview Diagram
    • Detailed/IP Addresses: Kaloom (Sveto) + Red Hat (Red Hat) Contributing
    • Overview Diagram (Presentation Type). Similar to ONES last year. Will add RAN + Slicing 
  • 5G Super Blueprint (Enterprise Work Group Integration for ONAP/Magma) Overview Diagram
    • These Diagrams were created last week! Amar to review and update/clean up if needed.
    • Desire to explore / map integration points between projects. Will cover on next week's call
  • Volunteers needed to help with the diagrams.
  • Current network slicing done in ONAP Guillin.
  • Data plane slicing was suggested. Boris (CENGN) to recommend a mapping of control plane with plane for future consideration.

Projects Integration

  • Align with ONAP Enterprise WG Concepts 
  • Code will be be upstreamed wherever possible. 
  • 2 Types of Artifacts: 1). Contributions to upstream code. 2.) Non-code elements, etc. 
  • Legal: Heather in discussions with LF legal team on license types. 

Rules of the Road & LFN Upstreaming 

Rules of the Road under development. Feedback welcome.

Louis presented his working draft. A SBP Jira is being set up and federated across related projects. Note: Magma does not use Jira so this involve manual updating. ONAP has approved the federation and has been set up. Louis taking this request to specific project TSCs. Any feedback on the Jira set up is welcome. This page is open feel free to add your thoughts and recommendations in the comments. In order to build out a project plan, we need to build from the diagrams under development. Next Call Idea: Diagrams review, project integration, and shift into technical work mapping. Fahad offered to help look at GitHub/GitLab integration/source code practices, code workflows, etc. 

5G SBP Work Streams 

Get Involved! Find an area where you can contribute. 

  • Diagrams
  • Rules of the Road
  • LFN TAC Whitepaper 
  • ONAP Enterprise Working Group Alignment + Integration (Prabhjot)
  • LFN Project alignment work (Anuket, ODIM, ONAP, etc.)
  • Mapping Features & Dependencies
  • ONES Demo support
  • ONES Booth support


Note: Brandon OOO June 24- July 5 (Will miss meeting on 6/29)

Next Week: Diagrams + Technical Discussion on Platforms

****** Meeting Minutes from 06/01 below *****

Parking Lot:

  • Magma demo integration post ONES
  • The LFN TAC is interested in helping promote and move the 5G Super Blueprint forward. It has been proposed to present 5G Super Blueprint to the TAC on Wednesday 04/07.
  • Status on current work
  • Leveraging 5G Cloud Native Network Demo (Proof of Concept) 2021
  • 5G Super Blueprint Criteria
    • Open source components where available
    • Proprietry components where Open Source component does not exist or is not compatible
    • LFN TAC Consult
  • Blueprint Outputs (scrips, docs, mode/Yaml/Yang files). Do it in stages.
    • Establish forcing function
    • Consider leveraging Akraino best practices
  • Establish upstreaming process
  • 5G Super Blue Print Playbook
  • Establish joint/cross project repos
    • Separate demo and 5G Super BP Jiras
    • Jira cross tagging- need IT discussion

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