The goal of this wiki page is to increase the transparency, engagement, collaboration, and utility of Proof of Concept (PoC) demos that highlight open source innovation featuring LFN projects. To follow demo progress, please join the LFN Demo mailing list here:

The goals of LFN Community Demos are to:

  • Demonstrate the power of the LFN projects for critical industry use cases
  • Highlight cross-project integration points
  • Provide thought leadership around up and coming technologies
  • Create collaboration opportunities for LFN members to solve challenges together
  • Showcase LFN Member demo contributions

LFN Community Demo Participation Criteria:

  • Like any open source community, participation in an LFN Demo is open to all
  • LFN Demos must make use of at least one LFN open source project
  • Open source technologies will be used for demo infrastructure wherever possible. Proprietary components (e.g. frameworks, network functions, applications, etc.) are allowed where they provide a necessary and/or desirable capability for the demo as a whole
  • Non-LFN members are welcome to participate in one iteration of the demo that involves a significant marketing event (e.g. event presentation, demo booth, webinar, case study, etc.). Ongoing participation however, requires all featured demo participants to be LFN members
  • Participants are required to contribute to a "How to" guide for recreating the demo. This work will happen in tandem with demo and be a featured elements post-presentation.
  • Demo outputs (e.g. code, documentation, etc.), wherever possible are expected to upstreamed to their respective open source repos and communities

Community Labs:

  • Any LFN Member company is welcome to set up a supporting lab for demo development and and/or hosting. This can be one-off or ongoing arrangement and lab owners are welcome to volunteer and step as they wish.
  • LFN also makes use of the LFN Lab-as-a-Service offering hosted at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL)

How to Participate:

  • At present, there are 2 ongoing LFN Demo Programs
    • LFN Community Demo: An ongoing community demo which invites participation from all LFN projects and communities. The current focus for this demo is 5G Cloud Native Network. This demo has been running since 2017 and has been featured as a keynote demo in several industry events. Learn more and get started.
    • ONES Demos: For each Open Networking & Edge Summit Event, we give the opportunity to feature community led demos in a physical or virtual booth. The demo plan for ONES 2021 is still under development. Check back soon for details.

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