5G Super Blueprint Regular Bi-weekly Meeting:

Meeting Logistics: Every other Tuesday, 1500 UTC

Zoom Bridge: https://zoom.us/j/91337691462?pwd=NEtHSGNLNWlLQUJDVWNhT1RDa1Z4QT09

5G Super Blueprint Off-Week Working Group Meeting: 

The Off-Week Working Group Meeting is intended to be a deep dive working session on particular work stream item(s) within the 5G Super Blueprint. While any subject(s) related to the 5G Super Blueprint may be discussed, this meeting is not intended to be an overall status update of the 5G Super Blueprint. The overall status of the 5G Super Blueprint is discussed on the alternate Tuesday Regular bi-weekly Meeting meeting detailed above.

Meeting Logistics: Every other Tuesday (alternate Tuesday from the regular bi-weekly meeting above), 15:00 UTC

Zoom Bridge:https://zoom.us/j/92142069144?pwd=eVh5WGxYeGJiK3pkUHpMYW9rNkJGUT09

Meetings Calendar: https://lists.lfnetworking.org/g/lfn-demo/calendar

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