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Dates June 13-16, 2022

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Create a topic Proposal by clicking on the appropriate template creation button below. 

By adding a topic proposal to any track other than than the "virtual -only" track, you are also agreeing that either you or your direct delegate(s) will physically be in the meeting room at the event in Porto, Portugal to lead the session and present all material to the audience.

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Virtual-Only Rules

  • The Ariane 1 room in Porto will be assigned to all virtual-only sessions.
  • All virtual sessions are single track only and will run in parallel with all other in-room sessions.
  • Scheduling a virtual-only session is handled by your communities' event committee representative 
  • All virtual-only track scheduling will display on the event schedule along with all of the other sessions

Plenary Topics

General Interest Topics

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    2022-06-14 - General: Intro to LFN's Communities & Open Source — 60 Min / Heather Kirksey

    Overview of LFN's organizational and operation structure and of open source participation at a high level. 

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    2022-06-15 - Virtual: General: Live Connect and Detection System

    In this application We can use our car dash camera for live Detection of objects and Potholes. Before reaching that place.  We can see live and more details about Objects on Screen with AI built In System. We can detect potholes on the road and notify them before reaching that area. And We see details on the screen and we can notify the central system about the situation on the road. We can track our vehicle in case of thieves based on systems IP which places it was travelling. We can raise complaints against thieves.   We can use SOS. If any user clicks on SOS then it will reach all clients who are using this app. It will show directions on a map to reach clients who request for SOS. We can see a live Stream of SOS users. So that  we could help each other live

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    2022-06-DD - General: Dynamic ui portal — Dynamic UI portal is the platform for designing a user interface to adapt according to user input.

    When designing a dynamic user interface (UI) through the portal, Users can control the fields according to specified properties. 

    Mainly dynamic UI portal is used for secondary development where users can create the view part of the project without writing any code.

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    2022-06-DD - Virtual: General: ONAP EMCO integration and Demo 60 Min / Seshu Kumar Mudiganti

    The current demo is to showcase the ONAP and EMCO Integration.

    This demo aims at showcasing the details of the series of steps involved in evalauting the current work, the challenges faced and the solutions adopted to overcome them.

    It provides a stage to discuss the next steps and take inputs from the attendees.

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