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We had the OPNFV and CNTT merger to Anuket more than one year ago, still we have lots of leftovers of this merger. Let's craft a plan how to get rid of these.

Topic Overview

Some leftovers to be addressed from the top of my head:

Let's discuss if we would like to change these and if yes craft a plan to do so.

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Recording: LFN DTF 2022.06 Anuket - Leftovers of the merger are still with us.mp4


Notes of the previous session: 2021-06-08 - Anuket: Leftovers of the merger

WhatWhat to doHow to get thereWho makes the first step
  • Redirect to
  • Raise a simple DNS redirect request to LF IT
  • Also we should add a pointer to the original readthedocs OPNFV Jerma documentation
  • Redirect to with keeping the original working
  • Raise a request to LF IT
  • Redirect to with keeping the original
  • Raise a simple DNS redirect request to LF IT
  • GitLab (
    • Rename the repo to anuket/specifications
    • Push the latest master from GitHub
    • Add the integration for gating
    • Synch the stable branches
    • Redirect readthedocs to use GitLab
    • Update contributor guides
    • Add a commit to cntt-n/cntt and explain that the repo was moved to

Gergely Csatari to ask Trevor for the rename

Gergely Csatari open a discussion in TSC about this.
  • Check the current situation with Cedric
  • Migrate the builds from
  • Update the intersphinx references
  • Update website

Gergely Csatari Check the current situation with Cedric Ollivier

LF Networking
  • Webpage contains OPNFV
Generic page to record issues
  • A confluence page to collect remaining leftovers
    • Move this table also there
  • Create a confleunce and move this table there
Gergely Csatari


Action Items