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30 mins

A brief recap of the most important highlights from the day's session from the perspective of our community leaders. Not recorded.


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9 sessions

2022-06-DD - ONAP: SECCOM retrospectives for log4j (Istanbul Maintenance) and Jakarta releases - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Lesson Learnt from Log4 Security Alert handled early this year by the ONAP Community
  • Review of ONAP Jakarta Security requirements/improvements deliverables:
    • 299 recommended package upgrades - 60% already completed
    • OpenSSF Badging - 5 projects on their way to "Gold"
  • SBOM (“Software Bill of Materials”) can help to identify dependencies early; ONAP Community is taking an action to move forward integrating it as part of our CI/CD pipeline
  • ODL (Robert Varga ) is offering some experience about CycloneDX format of SBOM to be reviewed by the ONAP SECCOM

2022-06-DD - ONAP: SECCOM Kohn release security goals - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Review of current Global Requirements/Best Practices/Waivers
  • Service Mesh POC
  • SBOM (also discussed in previous session)
  • Container signing
  • OpenSSF Badging - 5Y Project Review
  • Path to remove 'Unmaintained Code'
  • Lots of different wiki pages about ONAP Service Mesh - can we consolidate?
  • Call for ONAP project participation to "Container Signing" POC?
  • Check for License dependency
2022-06-14 - 5G SBP: ORAN SMO Package - Combining multiple open sources into an E2E package - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Explain how the SMO package was built and how it grows and could become a 5G superblueprint deployment
  • Live E2E Flows POC demonstrating a self-contained '5G Super Blueprint' setup that can start and test a 'reference' ORAN SMO package based on ONAP Jakarta release, O-RAN Simulators and more, in alignment with ORAN SC Technical Community
  • Enhance more the package with additional integrations
    • Anuket for Infra management, Emco

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Day1-ConfigManagement for O-RAN components - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • How to handle different conf (DAY1) for multiple cell sites with multiple elements inside ONAP ? ONAP CDS +CU/DU
  • Next step: replace CDS-DB by CPS

2022-06-DD - ONAP: CNF Orchestration Scenarios - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Share latest CNF O capabilities available today (Onboarding, Modeling, CBF/PNF Coordination, Scaling on Demand, Upgrades and Migration, etc.), (Public) Cloud Deployment based on K8s
  • Use Cases 
  • Future Steps: Integration with other external k8S orchestrators (Nephio?), Service Assurance (Control Loop), k8s Cluster Homing, ASD model integration and more
  • Map to Promotheus Metrics
  • Initiate discussions with Nephio

2022-06-DD - Virtual: General: ONAP EMCO integration and Demo - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • ONAP/EMCO POC Introduction and Demo by leveraging Plug&Play with ONAP SO, EMCO as blackbox, min. ONAP footprint (SO, A&AI)
  • Real Demo

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Intent driven orchestration in ONAP SO - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Brainstorming session about Intent driven orchestration in ONAP SO

2022-06-16 - XGVela: XGvela integration with ONAP - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • ONAP/XGVela Integration Demo and more

AnuketAnuket: RA1 OpenStack Architecture- Moselle release and beyond
  • Review of RA1 Moselle release
  • Status on GSMA NG.133 document (based on RA1)
  • Discussion on the choice of OpenStack release for next step
  • Agreement on the scope of next release (topics to be developped: acceleration, storage, 5G use cases and deployments with inputs from OpenInfra)
  • Preparation of the scope of next release (Nile)
  • The last OpenInfra summit in Berlin can bring good inputs for RA1

Virtual: Anuket: Scope of Anuket
  • Scope of Anuket specifications was extended since the beginning of CNTT, and that is okay
  • Anuket defines both requirements and recommendations from which the recommendations are not mandatory
  • Scope of the specifications is related to all the specs, therefore should be discussed in TSC
  • We do not have an agreement on how implementable requirements in RM should be
  • We do not have a documented scope of Anuket
  • The meeting had too low participation to get any conclusions
  • We will continue in the TSC
  • Discussion about the change of the scope of the project and the control of this change
  • Discussion will continue in the Anuket TSC

Anuket: Leftovers of the merger are still with us
  • We still have lots of artifacts with OPNFV and CNTT what confuses Anuket's end users
  • We collected the things what we would need to update and proposed a next step to change them
  • Anuket is working on the usage of its name in the artifacts and even would pay in beers for

EMCO: Bring Akraino/ICN-SDEWAN into EMCO

SDEWAN Overview gave us an excellent overview of how an Edge enhanced SD-WAN addresses special needs for the Edge

EMCO: Deploying on ROSA ClusterOverview from the Aarna Networks team on how straightforward it is to to deploy multiple clusters on Red Hat OpenShift instances on AWS. A demo was included. 
  • EMCO functionality does not overlap with what ROSA provides. ROSA CLI tool is used to deploy EMCO on ROSA cluster, and EMCO is used to deploy NFs (free5gc), using intent based orchestration. 

EMCO: Project Overview and UpdateThe EMCO Overview Session described the objectives and problem statement review for EMCO  and then went into an overview of the essential building blocks and modules. The latest and upcoming features were reviewed. 

EMCO: distribution of Istio CA certificates to target clustersAn introduction of how EMCO can issue and manage CA certificates to different registered and deployed clusters to automate security (mTLS) between services and clusters.

EMCO: Open Policy Agent Service Assurance in the Telcom EdgeOne of the most attended sessions of the day for EMCO with great interest in this use case.
  • Policy-driven closed loop can be implemented by integrating OPA (as PDP) and Workflow Engine (Temporal) or other actors like CDS (as PEP). 

EMCO: Cloud Native SASEAn excellent examination of the use case of SASE cloud deployments and how EMCO can set up and manage SASE configurationsWe got some interesting questions and asks for how to find out more about the project from two non LFN members and how to contribute. Promising following to perhaps see new members

2022-06-DD - Virtual: General: ONAP EMCO integration and Demo - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

See entry in ONAP+5G SBP Project section above

The Huawei team took the initiative on their own to demo how ONAP can use EMCO in tandem.

This was the most well attended session for EMCO of the day with many ONAP stakeholders joining to see what this Poc was all about. We have an AR to discuss this further in the SO and CNF taskforce projects, as well as ideas as to how to contribute and jointly advance the PoC. More discussions to follow. 


2 sessions

2022-06-14 - ODL: 2022.03 Sulfur Platform overview

2022-06-16 - ODL: 2022.09 Chlorine lookahead

  • We have finally delivered 2022.03 Sulfur, which is a Java 11/17 transitional release
  • We are looking to be back on regularly-scheduled checkpoints for 2022.09 Chlorine
We need to continue reaching out to our stakeholders, as the sessions were lightly-attended.
FD.io2022-06-14 - StoneWork introduction


2022-06-14 - ODIM: Overview and status


ProjectLink to Topic Page1-2 Key HighlightsTake-aways

AnuketRA2 Kubernetes Architecture - Moselle Release Highlights
  • We did change rooms and occupied Ariane 2 due to the bad wifi in the original Anuket room
  • Highlight of Moselle changes in RAs: Kubernetes release update, application requirements, host os requirements, app descriptor...
  • Discussion on Anuket and RA2 in general

RA2 Kubernetes Architecture Release Planning
  • Nile release were just approved this week Tuesday
  • M0 and M1 activities can be started already now even if M0 is in August
  • Prioritization of backlog items with statistical methods

Virtual: Thoth Action Plan for Network Intelligence Collaborative Innovation
  • Call for action to form an initiative for the use of AI/ML in telecom

Anuket: RA2 Collaborations


7 Sessions

Virtual: EMCO- Edge Relocation using Temporal workflow

Review of the Temporal Workflow Engine added to EMCO

Use Case of UE consuming a MEC Service, while moving across MEC host service areas, requiring a relocation of the service instance across clusters

Live Demo

Future plans to integrate with free5GC + 5GRAN simulator to showcase a more real world use case scenario. 

This is an EMCO Ecosystem POC repo published from the EMCO wiki. 

EMCO: Enhancing the EMCO GUI with RBAC

An overview of how the EMCO GUI supports Admin and separate Tenant privilege levels with Role-based Access support. 

A demo was provided to demonstrate how different client logins had different views and different access rights. 

Future versions of the EMCO GUI will add additional intra-tenant role access rights for allowing tenant organization to further enable/restrict groups within their tenant view to have appropriate access rights. 

EMCO: Deploying to target clusters (and public clouds) via git

Overview of EMCO integration with the GitOps approach to cluster management and resource sync. 

  • Provides automated sync with Git Repo, better security, consistency and auditing of history

Walked through EMCO support for Fluxv1 and planned v2 support, Azure Arc plug-in support in EMCO 22.03 and how Google Anthos support will be added in 22.06 coming up. 

Automated GitOps support provides automated sync with Git Repo, for better security, consistency and auditing of history
When clusters register with EMCO, the correct GitOPs plugin can be instantiated in the EMCO Rsync framework. 

22.06 adds better Google Anthos support and other stability and feature enhancements

EMCO BackUp and Restore

Any cluster application LCM solution needs a sold Disaster Recovery solution. Aarna Networks has selected Velero solution to integrate with AMCOP commercial product based on EMCO. 

An overview and demo of Phase I manual Backup and Restore was showcased, instantiating a running cluster, creating a Velero Backup, deleting the cluster to simulate a DIsaster event, and restoring it for continued operation. 

Phase II will add a more complete integration with EMCO GUI, automating and scheduling backups, w/ support for more storage locations other then the AWS example today. 

Phase III will allow deployments of the Velero solution to target clusters and bundle the Velero solution with EMCO installations. 

EMCO: Orchestration and Demo of LCM of AnyLog using EMCO

Using EMCO, developers can deploy and manage AnyLog instances at the edge from a single point and using the AnyLog Network, manage and view the distributed edge data from a single point.

EMCO-UI demonstrated as a viable manner of deploying composite apps in EMCO, in this case AnyLog components.

EMCO: Orchestration and Service Assurance 5GC Functions with EMCO

Showed the orchestration of QCT's 5GC functions on multiple k8s clusters, using EMCO.

The ability to scale-out 5GC and UPF elements into more clusters (via EMCO) as an action automatically taken by the AF component, based on analytics. This was demonstrated.

Showed possibilities in creating closed-loop between EMCO, 5GC and NWDAF. 

(this seems to have been pasted in the wrong section: "Integration with Prometheus and ONAP CDS was shown.")

EMCO-UI again demonstrated as a viable method of deploying composite apps.

Srini shared over the bridge the advantages of using the EMCO ecosystem's KNCC and KNRC when paired with 5GC and to automate configuration:

Virtual: EMCO: Temporal and EMCO lifecycle events

Temporal is the simple, scalable open source way to write and run reliable cloud applications.

In EMCO we are introducing support for the Temporal workflow engine starting with the 22.06 release.

Temporal workflow engine has recently been added to EMCO in order to trigger actions that execute in a multitude of possible different hook points.

With EMCO we can register workflows and define the activities that need to take place.

In 22.06 the basic framework will be available, with additional improvements expected in the next release.


12 Sessions2022-06-15 - ONAP: DT and the use of Helm Charts, Istio & ArgoCD - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Insights from DT about how they are deploying ONAP internally as TNAP using ArgoCD, replacing AAF/MSB by ServiceMesh + Demo
  • Introduction of Cluster API
  • Next Step: Provision of declarative APIs for cluster creation, configuration and management 

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Technical Community Coordination - Network Management - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Liaison statement to 3GPP SA regarding IPR issues
  • Feedback from TM Forum / ONAP meeting and multi-SDO initiatives
  • Digital Transformation World Catalysts planned in September - ONAP is usually used for POCs

Useful Link: TCC Generic Network Management

From a legal point of view, the use by ONAP of the terminology or names alone (by referencing 3GPP specifications) is possible and is not subject to Intellectual Property issues.

Successful meeting on Intent-based managment between ONAP and TM Forum. We expect cooperation on Catalysts (PoCs)

2022-06-15 - ONAP: CPS Project overview with NCMP and CPS Demos - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Introduction to Network Configuration Model Proxy (NCMP), CPS Temporal, Data Model Inventory (DMI) Plug-In, Template Based Data Model Transformer (TBDMT)
  • Latest enhancements and incoming development + Live Demos !!!
  • Become the first ONAP project to get the Gold CII Badging
  • Connect with Lena Peuker about CDS-DB and CPS
  • CPS integration into 5G SBP ORAN SMO Package is ongoing to Network Slicing Use Case

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Jakarta Integration Activities - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Jakarta accomplishments enhancing our ONAP and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Next steps with Kohn
  • Deploy gating on UNH
  • Inform PTLs about new images Python/Java (REQ-1073)
  • Workshop with SDC Team / Model distribution Test
  • Urgent Issues:
    • PTL & Committers
    • No Gitlab project to run CI - action taken by LF to come back prior the end of LFN DDF

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Policy Framework Project Update - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Jarkarta accomplishments including complete documentation of pair-wise testing
  • Share next features/improvements including backporting of some non functional requirements on Honolulu/Istanbul releases
  • Introduction of "Contract Testing"
  • New TOSCA approach
  • Investigate CPS as being part of Component Redundancy 
  • Introduction of Grafana dashboards and integration with open source DT Portal  
  • Produce Promotheus metrics - suggestion to team-up with Lukasz Rajewskion this topic
  • Talk to EMCO about their Open Policy Agent and how ONAP Policy could be helped them as well.

2022-06-DD - ONAP: The Path to a Production-Grade ONAP - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Presentation from Ahmad Khalil(TATA comms) sharing their journey to deploy ONAP and to adopt it by their Ops team
  • Ways to monitor and troubleshoot
  • DEMOS including Customer & Operation Experiences based on ELK
  • PDF presentation & demo video are uploaded on topic page
  • Actual recording of the session could not be retrieved to be uploaded, if there are any question on the session, please reach out
  • presentation & demo discussed concerns from service providers, specially, operations teams on the support, monitoring & troubleshooting of an open-source platform and how such concerns can be addressed with some of the available tools that can be configured and enhanced to address ONAP "deployability" and lead to a production-grade platform 

2022-06-DD - ONAP: ONAP - The Next 5 Years - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Accomplishments/Challenges/Opportunities
  • Discussions about Requirements/Architecture Reviews (redundancy)
  • Lots of constructive feedback
  • Shift from Platform to component focus
  • build a tiger team to continue discussion with TSC

2022-06-DD - ONAP: PCEI Edge to Cloud connectivity and application deployment - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Demo of Complex Multi-domain orchestration across Edge and Public Clouds, using ONAP CDS and Terraform plans

2022-06-DD - ONAP: SDC Project Update - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • Latest enhancements + Live Demos !!!

2022-06-15 - ONAP: Security of CDS py-executor while using 3rd patry scripts - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • How python can be abused by malicious (or buggy) CBA and what we can do to make it more secure in the future?
  • Insights about CDS executors

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Automation of Intent-based Cloud Leased Line Service - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence
  • An introduction were given on how to offer Intent-Based Networking (IBN) using CCVPN use-case in ONAP
  • A live demonstration (as Proof-of-Concept) of IBN using CCVPN use-case in ONAP was shown
  • A brief history of CCVPN evolution in ONAP was discussed, following by a roadmap of CCVPN use-case for Kohn release
  • A presentation on Support general intent model and general intent interface in ONAP was given
  • An academic review of Intent-based Networking was presented

5G Super Blueprint

2022-06-15 - Virtual- 5G SBP: Magma for 5G

  • Release 1.7- Magma 5G Stands Alone
  • Roadmap - Whats coming up in 1.8
  • Roadmap - Whats coming up after 1.8
  • Call to Action: Request for input into Magma Roadmap


ProjectLink to Topic Page1-2 Key HighlightsTake-aways
EMCOVirtual: EMCO: Face recognition application demo using EMCO

Robust face recognition use case deployed at the edge using EMCO.

The face recognition app was show working with EMCO, orchestrating the multiple inter-related microservices as a composite app.

EMCO was able to successfully instantiate the app over the K8s clusters without any manual intervention to the clusters.

EMCO-UI was once again shown as the preferred way of interacting with EMCO for deploying workloads/use cases.


3 Sessions

2022-06-16 - Anuket: RC2 - Considering RA2 Traceability and CNF Workloads for Nile - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Review of proposed chapter updates

Discussion of reference granularity of RA-2 feature to conformance tests

Field trials: Importance of and inclusion of Service providers and hyperscalers   

  • RA2 traceability: Cross referencing RA2 requirements and RC2 tests is important should continue, Possible issue between release management and RC2 is in the milestone definitions
  • Anuket Assured vs CNF Conformance: CNF suppliers see having both the CNCF CNF Conformance and the Anuket Assured for CNF-s wasted effort.  In the future we should think about the validity of Anuket Assured workload testing in the light of CNCF CNF Conformance.
  • Field trials: Would drive adoption, If anyone is interested in field trails please notify Scot Steele
  • Discussion:  if the single process type requirement in the CNCF CNF Conformance test is a valid one in an RC2 meeting

2022-06-16 - Virtual: Anuket - Automation and Security - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence


3 Sessions

2022-06-DD - ONAP: Enabling BOD-Based Feasibility Check and Service Provisioning including Time-Aware Calendarization for E-Line Services - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Presentation & Demo of TATA Communications Use Cases: Feasibility Check and Scheduling Flow (AAI/SO/SDNC/EXAPI)

Developed applications that enables scheduling tasks in a given time, including future time (network auto-discovery, service activation/termination, BoD schedules, etc...)

  • E-line orchestration base case started in R3 and running in R9 with full backward compatibility
  • Developed service templates, resource templates, BPMN processes, standardized inventory model, Plugins for network auto-discovery and service provisioning
  • Developed time-aware calendarization support (i.e., scheduling in time-domain network auto-discovery, service activation/termination, BoD schedules, etc…)

ONAP E2E network slicing use case: control loop for ORAN network

Demo of Telecom Italia Use Case based on ONAP Network Slicing/Control Loop, including O-RAN Simulator and emulated O-RAN Network

2022-06-16 - ONAP: Using Automation Compositions for Control Loops and rApps - LF Networking - LF Networking Confluence

Demo of Automation Composition Management (ACM) - definition, commissioning/decommissioning, parametrization, lifecycle (instantiation, status monitoring/change), scalability/resiliency

Can our ONAP Policy component could be used by Nephio?


3 Sessions

2022-06-16 - ODL: Open discussion on new features and improvements

2022-06-16 - ODL: Supporting commercial OpenDaylight deploymentsPresentation of challenges and good practices behind providing commercial OpenDaylight support with NO FORKs.Everyone who would like to get know how to efficiently provide support for OpenDayligh should watch the video!

2022-06-16 - ODL: Ecosystem BoF