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30m, Le Yao Huifeng Le

A sub-controller of DTC for EMCO to integrate Akraino/ICN-SDEWAN features to implement automated configuration of EMCO applications and services.

Topic Overview

Akraino/ICN-SDEWAN is a cloud native solution that focuses on edge based on SDWAN(Software Defined Wide Area Network). To address challenges enountered in edge user cases, such as resource constraints, edge coverage, traffic cleanup, automation and cost sensitivity SDEWAN delivers many features including multi-WAN link support, WAN traffic management, NAT, firewall, IPSec and traffic shaping and so on to customers.
To bring these features to EMCO, we create a sub-controller of DTC for EMCO which can help integrate SDEWAN with EMCO to enables automated configuration of network traffic policies when deploying applications and services to distributed clusters in edge and cloud.
We would like to give a brief introduction about this integration work to attendees and what advantages can get from it. We will give an archtecture detail and show a solid demo to attendees to demonstrate its ability and user cases in cloud native edge.

Akraino/ICN-SDEWAN -

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