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60M Scot Steele

Topic Overview

Discussion regarding impact of RA2 updates and on CNF workloads RC2.

Path forward for RC2.

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porto - RC-2.pptx


Open Dialog on Nile release RC-2 scope

  • Point 1
  • Point 2


  • Chapter 1
    • There are no references to hyperscalers
  • Chapter 4
    • We should have references to RA2 Ch4 and not directly to CNCF CNF Testsuite
  • RA2 traceability
    • Cross referencing RA2 requirements and RC2 tests is important and we should keep doing it
    • Maybe the issue between release management and RC2 is in the milestone definitions
  • Anuket Assured vs CNF Conformance
    • For the CNF suppliers it is a waste of effort to have both the CNCF CNF Conformance and the Anuket Assured for CNF-s (and OpenShift certification or any other certifications for that matter)
    • RC2 and Anuket Assured should reuse the test cases defined in the CNCF CNF Testsuite, but should not refer to CNCF CNF Conformance as it is
    • In the future we should think about the validity of Anuket Assured workload testing in the light of CNCF CNF Conformance.
  • Field trials
    • Would drive adoption
    • Important for Anuket to being relevant
    • If anyone is interested in field trails please notify Scot Steele
  • Parking lot
    • Discuss if the single process type requierment in the CNCF CNF Conformance test is a valid one in an RC2 meeting

Action Items