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Cross-CommunityGood discussions on how to build a trusting community.  Targeted at the CNTT/OPNFV Meld activities, but applies across the LFN and Open Source communities.


Session on E2E Network Slicing - Honolulu release Scope and Future Roadmap (Presenters: LIN MENGSwaminathan SeetharamanMilind Jalwadi,Henry Yu)

This session covered what functionality has been realized in Guilin, and the proposal for Honolulu and beyond for each of the following tracks of the E2E Network Slicing use case:

  • Enhancements in CSMF and NSMF for E2E Network Slice allocation, standards alignment, operator intervention, etc.
  • RAN, Core and Transport Slicing related aspects, including alignment with O-RAN (RAN) and ETSI ZSM & IETF (Transport)
  • KPI Monitoring, Closed Loop Control & Intelligent Slicing

Feedback from the ONAP community was sought on topics such as Network Slicing in roaming scenarios (i.e., true e2e slicing), interaction of slice management & orchestration functions (NxMF) with the Core NFs such as NSSF and NWDAF, collaboration with C&PS project, etc.

Presentation Slides are available here.

ONAP Orchestration of Free 5G Core CNFs using ONAP4K8s (EMCO)




  • Jerma M2 scheduled for Oct 20
    •  Functional freeze - Readiness Review
      • Document significant accomplishments
      • Release Management Tasks sent to for M2
  • Goal for Documentation outline in Jerma Release -Agreed
  • Revisions to RELREQ-13 on Storage testing requirements and clarifications - Agreed
  • OPNFV Input to LFN Governing Board meeting on Project's Priority Activities - Agreed
  • Meld Meeting
  • Meld work continues to make great progress.  All three workstreams have actions and activities working towards a January 1 transition.
  • Likely that new TSC will be interim to align with the election processes of OPNFV and get the Meld org in sync with rest of LFN

XGVela Project Update & Discussion


EUAG and Software Defined Networking by Ahmed El Sawaf


TrackKey PointsChallengesAction Items

Multiple engaging discussions on EUAG

  • Exploration of how to expand the scope of EUAG to better address the community needs
  • Telcom operators discussing how to bring a joint operator/vendor perspective.


ONAP Requirements Subcommittee - new requirements for Honolulu

#1 ONAP ETSI-Alignment (SOL004, SOL005 v3.3.1)

#2 E2E Network Slicing use case

#3 Smart Operator Intent -based Network & 5G Slicing Support

#4 5G OOF SON use case

#2 E2E Network Slicing use case

Comment: O-RAN alignment and collaboration seems more pragmatic for the upcoming releases, than the other topics such as slicing in roaming scenarios, etc.

Comment: Clarify what exactly is meant by O-RAN alignment to avoid misinterpretation.


ONAP Impact of the current ONAP release- and branching strategy on documentation

Discussed the possible solutions for branching documentation and project / Cross release issues.

Several projects have deprecated repos

Documentation update tracking should be part of release process

should documentation be in a single repo ?


ONAP Security Subcommittee Kanban 

Review Helm, OS, Python/java updates

Update Vulnerable direct depencies (tracking through wiki)

   M1 (TBD) commit resources

   M4 (TBD) complete upgrades

Guilin seccom retrospective : lots of improvements in this release

Reviewed H release priorities



ONAP TCC Network Management

  • ETSI
    • ETSI NFV update – Thinh Nguyenphu
    • ONAP Conformance to ETSI – Byung-Woo Jun
  • 3GPP
    • RAN Slicing: 5G NR Resource Configuration Management – Kamel Idir
  • TM Forum
    • Digital Transformation World – Magnus Buhrgard
    • Catalysts, rapid-fire proof-of-concept projects – Magnus Buhrgard


ONAP Honolulu - CNF Task Force Requirements

Presentation of REQ-334 (ETSI Alignment-CNF Support)  - SOL004, SOL005 v3.3.1

REQ-341 (CNF Orchestrator)

Call for Developers for the Honolulu Release

If any interest then please contact 

REQ-334: Fernando OliveiraByung-Woo Jun

REQ-341: Lukasz RajewskiSeshu Kumar Mudiganti

  • Consider portability between ETSI & ONAP for CNF

ONAP: Hands-on session on ONAP Optimization Framework (OOF)

This session provided an overview of OOF, its modular architecture, capabilities and ease of reuse onboarding a new use case or requirement that needs some sort of optimization functionality. It also described the typical realization steps to follow for any use case or requirement needing optimization (provided by OOF). It was followed by a guided walk-through with an example of how the E2E Network Slicing use case realized the optimization needs easily through a lot of reuse of existing functionality with some enhancements.

Comment: Policy team highly appreciated the work done by OOF team for effective usage of the new Policy framework.

Query: A query on how subnet instance's resource occupancy levels and capability of an existing instance to cater to a new request are considered by OOF.

Response: This isn't yet considered by OOF, however, it is proposed to be realized in Honolulu release, with OOF getting the required info on available resources and capacity through an "inventory provider" which for example could be AAI or DCAE, which leverages existing OOF capabilities to a large extent.

Presentation slides are available here.


Field trial by Orange reviewed

Next OVP revision documentation update planning

Very engaged conversation on Telemetry and Observability 

HA requirements got into the obligation of defining the test approach vs. implementation.

ODIM Project gave an overview of the project, with the CNTT RM team describing how the Hardware Interface Manager (HIM) concept can be addressed by ODIM. Several key areas were identified for collaboration. The ODIM team will continue the dialog in RM meetings and RA meetings afterwards, at the appropriate time. 


CNTT - Telemetry/Observability architecture - a path to full automation

this session  presented an architecture for the Telemetry/Observability of VNFs and Cloud Infrastructure (NFVI) to achieve full automation leading to zero touch operation.

This architecture is based on a central telemetry data BUS on which are connected Providers Consumers and Subscribers of telemetry data.

2020-10-14 - CNTT - Telemetry/Observability architecture - a path to full automation

Tungsten Fabric

Unified Life Cycle Management using TF Operator - integration with Airship

Discussed approach on unification of life cycle management of Tungsten Fabric using Tungsten Fabric operator and provided reference implementation of an integration with Airship

Tungsten Fabric

Transparency of TF Community

Shared details around documentation, governance, release management and related topics, community has made significant progess in recent days. looking forward to take it further as a collaborative effort.
Callout for new contributors and participants for Tungsten Fabric community 

  • Sukhdev Kapur identified some of the documentation that needs to be migrated from opencontrail google drive to 
Tungsten Fabric

TF Feature Development Roadmap

Discussed details on the 2020/2021 roadmap items with focus around cloud-native, dpdk, datapath and some other areas

Prabhjot Singh Sethi we can consider looking forward to phase out kernel module vrouter, will carry further discussions around this in community

Tungsten Fabric

TF vRouter - New debug and troubleshooting tools

Presented a session on new debug and troubleshooting tools inducted for datapath

consider further sessions and discussion around debuggability in community calls

  • Kiran KN needs to migrate documentation to

Tungsten Fabric

TF Cloud Native Discussion

Discussion around cloud native work happening in tungsten fabric. Also presented a demo on Tungsten Fabric integration with envoy proxy


TrackKey PointsChallengesAction Items



  • Policy Framework Guilin key updates.
  • Detailed working session & demo of Xacml-PDP engine.
  • Detailed working session & demo of Apex-PDP.
  • Detailed working session & demo of Drools-PDP engine.
  • Plans for Honolulu release

All the details (slides, postman collection etc) are available here

  • External interface of TSC (NBI) still need to be implemented

     Otherwise the TN NSSMF is part of the Guilin Release

  • Call for Developers to implement Closed-Loop Automation as part of Honolulu and upcoming releases


ONAP: O-RAN ↔ ONAP Collaboration and Alignment

Presentation slides are available here.

ONAP 5G & PNF use cases aligned with O-RAN & 3GPP




  • Support for container repository in the proposed approach - integration with ETSI path
  • Long direction - service orchestration with TOSCA based composition where helm package can be replaced by TOSCA definition?




What's New in ONAP Frankfurt


Edge Workstream

OVP 2.0
Input on CNF Workload requirements - Requirements for the Infrastructure make sense and there should be a test on the infrastructure to ensure that the workload requirements are met. Requirements drive the tests that are developed.
--- having Workload requirements BEYOND the above is thought to be out of scope for CNTT & OPNFV. Several people agreed or seemed to agree on this.

OPNFV Investigates CNTT Telemetry Req.

  • with AIRSHIP and Barometer Projects
  • Study of current coverage with Prometheus and need for collectd support:
    CNTT provides the Use Case for OpenStack dev that was missing before.
    • Reviewed status of collectd and Prometheus capabilities studies (RELREQ-18)
    • Discussed possibility of reviving collectd effort in OS Helm that was abandoned about 3 years ago for lack of a compelling use case
    • Emma / James to review code and scope the effort to get it running
    • Al to request item on CNTT TSC agenda for next week to approach OS Helm about enabling collectd

OPNFV Kuberef project review -

  • Relies on BMRA (new) installer for now, others welcome.
  • Testing the new Gitlab CI/CD environment from a green-field point of view (new project).



ODL-Micro Aluminium updates