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Developer Forum Speaker's Guide

The goal of the plenary sessions is to cover topics that are of interest across all LFN communities before breaking into separate breakout sessions for fd.ioODLONAP, and OPNFV

 Monday (March 26, 2018)

Room: Wilshire I (X-Project Efforts)

Room: Hancock Park (SDOs)

Room: Echo Park (Containers) 

Room: K-Town (Use Cases & Misc) 

Developer Forum Kickoff




Lessons Learned: Integration, From the Cradle to the Stage (Robyn Bergeron, Daniel Farrell, Monty Taylor, Gildas Lanilis, Fatih Degirmenci)

Collaboration between Open Source (ONAP) and SDO for SDN/NFV modeling/API (Phil Robb, Hui Deng, Lingli Deng Jenny Huang (TMF), Klaus Martiny (ZSM), Dan Pitt (MEF))

Building Cloud Native, Web Scale, Deployable VNFs with Service Mesh Architecture (Wenjing Chu, Jia Xuan, Stephen Wong, Dave Neary, Rossella Sblendido, Isaku Yamahata)

Telecom Service providers PoCs leanings from ONAP Policy Engine with AI/ML predictive inputs (Sana Tariq)

Managing State in Cloud Native VNFs (Dave Neary)

Experience sharing: the national experiment network for NFV testing in China Mobile (Fu Qiao)

AM Break

LFN Compliance/Verification Governance (Chris Donley)

ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - Functionality, API (Thinh Nguyenphu)

Building container-based NFV solutions with VPP integration and ONAP orchestration (Tina Tsou, Trevor Tao)

Early Insights from ONAP/OPNFV Cross-Community Collaboration PoC (Bruce Thompson, Eddie Arrage)

Cross Community Infra/CICD (Fatih Degirmenci/Daniel Farrell)

ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - VNF Package, VNF Descriptors (Andrei Kojukhov, Thinh Nguyenphu)

Kubernetes networking in the telco space (Gergely Csatari)

Network Operating Systems (NOSs): What's out there and how they are evolving - Robert Bays, David Maltz, Brian O'Connor

Harmonizing documentation across LFN (Eric Debeau, Greg Glover, Sofia Wallin, Thanh Ha)

TBD MEF topic

Long Duration Stability Test (Yu Yang (Gabriel))

Re-using OPNFV framework tests for LFN projects (Eric Debeau, Cedric Ollivier)

IETF & LFN projects coordination (Charles Eckels)NFV and DevOps Networking Needs in Kubernetes: A Unifying Vision (Ed Warnicke)CORD and ONAP Integration - Bora Eliacik, Netsia

Lunch Break

ONAP Breakout Breakout

ODL Breakout

OPNFV Breakout

PM Break

ONAP Breakout Breakout

ODL Breakout

OPNFV Breakout

Tuesday (March 27, 2018)

Room: Wilshire I

Room: Hancock Park

Room: Echo Park

Room: K-Town

TAC Meeting




ONAP Breakout Breakout

ODL Breakout

OPNFV Breakout

AM Break

ONAP Breakout Breakout

ODL Breakout

OPNFV Breakout

Wrap-up session




Plenary Session Proposals

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