Thank you for helping to share your knowledge with the LFN Community by being one of the speakers during the ONS Developers Forum or one of the project break out sessions. Here is what you need to know:

We will be using zoom for sharing your presentation material directly from your laptop. You will find a link for a zoom bridge under the each room name on the LFN Developer Forum Schedule page.

Use of zoom during the Developer Forum portion of Monday morning will be shared in a “live streaming” context.  These sessions are not intended to be interactive and your facilitators will not be engaging with the remote audience beyond providing basic assistance.  During the individual project breakout sessions each community will manage their zoom bridges in whatever way best fits their specific needs.

Regardless of whether your session occurs during the Developer Forum or a breakout session all it takes to share are a few simple steps- 

  • All presentations will be mirrored display only, meaning basically that whatever you are seeing on your screen is what the audience is also seeing. 
  • Verify that the speakers on your laptop are muted.
  • Connect to the appropriate zoom bridge well in advance of your scheduled presentation time to verify connectivity, etc.
  • Once at the podium share your presentation, a specific window, or desktop using zoom, hook up the display connector at the podium and go.
  • When you are finished, simply stop sharing
  • NOTE: If you are speaking in the Wilshire I room - use the "raise hand" function within the zoom session and the facilitator will "promote you" from an attendee to a panelist.

Please make sure that you have uploaded and linked your presentations to the appropriate wiki page n the event of technical issues either locally or remotely.


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ONAP Breakout Presentations: ONAP Project Specific Breakouts

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