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  • Start Recording- helps facilitate minutes and Action Items
  • Antitrust
  • Welcome 1st Time Attendees
  • 5G Cloud Native Network Demo Update
  • ONE Summit
  • 5G Super Blueprint Use Case Discussion - Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Adjacent Communities Integration 
  • 5G SBP Milestones, Timelines, Infra 
  • 5G SBP Future Labs 
  • 5G SBP Workstreams
  • AOB


LF Anti-trust

  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.

Welcome 1st Time Attendees

Welcome all. new attendees. If you have any questions about participating in this effort, please send to Brandon Wick ( and Louis Illuzzi (

5G Cloud Native Network Demo Update (Brandon/Amar)

  • Next Iteration to be shown at ONE Summit, Los Angles, Oct 11-12
  • Call Time, Weekly, Tuesdays, 7:00 AM PT
  • Bridge Info and call notes added here.
  • Add Slack Channel
  • Add repo status

ONE Summit Update

5G Super Blueprint Use Case Discussion (Heather) - 5G Super Blue Print Use Case Page

Terminology. We've been speaking in phases for the Super Blueprint Initiative, but we should also think about versions, e.g. "Super Blueprints" that cover different areas, e.g. SBP for Energy use case. No one from Energy was on the call today, need to follow up with them offline.

Key item from last call: Define/build a minimum viable product (MVP) across community (starting with Magma + ONAP, including slicing) in an incremental/iterative approach (working up to things like service assurance, secure network slice mechanism, non-functional reqs, throughput, latency, and other performance reqs). We can start building this around our first use case: 5G with Private LTE here.

Heather provided an update showing an initial draft working page outline for 5G with Private LTE Page linked above. 

  • Current Work in progress
  • 5G with Private Mobile Networking (5GSP Phase 1)
  • Private Mobile Network that enables Edge/IoT

Prabhjot: Timelines for MVP? Build out 4 bullets by EOY? We need to look at what we're going to deliver. E.g. Magma/ONAP teams working on it. Ike: 3GPP and GSMA definitions define services for call flows. This can help ONAP/Magma to build to this. Sudhir: Suggestion: Take this in levels that get defined, e.g. Define 4 use cases, starting at Level 0, then working our way up to level 4 (with details). Vision for MVP should not be latency and throughput. Heather: Getting a 5G networking functioning with an open source core achieving a network slice. We're trying to determine how much work can be defined here. Prabhjot: We are getting close to functional Magma with ONAP workflow. Perhaps a few weeks away with a fully functional instance. Heather: 4 weeks from now, let's check back in on status and blockers. Use this call to marshal resources on specific challenges/opportunities. 

Adjacent Communities 5G Super Blueprint Integration (All)

  • LF Edge (Amar, Ike, Joe)
    • Heather- Use case discussion with TSC upcoming in September. Ike can also provide insights.
    • Modeling 5G Super Blueprints roughly on Akraino blueprints template
    • Any other LF Edge integration at this time?
      • EdgeX, Open Horizon?
      • Fledge, EVE (Energy use case)
    • IoT/EdgeX possibilities. Ike: Suggest contacting Jim White, EdgeX TSC Chair. Brandon to follow up. Akraino has more than 20 blueprints across many areas including 5G integration. (insights on 5G Core). Brandon to follow up Energy/EVE/Fledge Communities.
    • Prabhjot: PCI blueprint could be a value add in terms of service assurance (includes ONAP/EMCO), MANO, cloud provider integration. Good documentation coming soon. Oleg/Tina, TSC Chair (Akraino). 
  • Anuket (Amar, Heather)
    • Anuket (Heather)- deployment- 2 servers at UHN. ONAP on 1, orchestrate MAGMA on other. 
    • Kali Release RI2 on UNH Servers, deploying the Magma Core
    • 2 instances of Kuberef (1 per server) being installed. We will use one to host ONAP and one to deploy Magma Core onto. Confirming support for Kubevirt/Virtlet, we need this since one of the Magma functions is still a VM.
    • Status: Servers are up and we have asked the Kuberef team to install pending instructions from Sriram on how to access the servers.ORAN Alliance / ORAN SC (Trishan)
    • Phase 3 Integration
  • Other? Feel free to add here.

5G SBP Milestones, Timelines, Infra (Louis)

5G SBP Future Labs

Conversations going with CENGN. Other community resources welcome.

5G SBP Workstreams

Get Involved! Find an area where you can contribute. 

  • Diagrams
  • Build Documentation- video and print
  • Rules of the Road
  • LFN TAC Whitepaper 
  • ONAP Enterprise Working Group Alignment + Integration (Prabhjot)
  • LFN Project alignment work (Anuket, ODIM, ONAP, etc.)
  • Mapping Features & Dependencies
  • ONES Demo support
  • ONES Booth support

Questions from Last Time

  • DevOps Pipeline Implementation and where we are. Willing to jump in and help out (Fahad, Solutions by STC)
  • Keeping an eye open for new ways of delivering service (new innovation from practice rather than theory). Working models could help standardize the industry. (Sudhir Iyer)


Parking Lot:

  • Legal: Heather in discussions with LF legal team on license types. 
  • Projects Integration

    • Align with ONAP Enterprise WG Concepts 
    • Code will be be upstreamed wherever possible. 
    • 2 Types of Artifacts: 1). Contributions to upstream code. 2.) Non-code elements, etc. 
    • Legal: Heather in discussions with LF legal team on license types. 
  • Magma demo integration post ONES
  • Leveraging 5G Cloud Native Network Demo (Proof of Concept) 2021
  • 5G Super Blueprint Criteria
    • Open source components where available
    • Proprietry components where Open Source component does not exist or is not compatible
    • LFN TAC Consult
  • Blueprint Outputs (scrips, docs, mode/Yaml/Yang files). Do it in stages.
    • Establish forcing function
    • Consider leveraging Akraino best practices
  • Establish upstreaming process
  • 5G Super Blue Print Playbooks
  • Establish joint/cross project repos
    • Separate demo and 5G Super BP Jiras
    • Jira cross tagging- need IT discussion

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