Dates Nov. 17-18, 2022

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Anuket Topics

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    2022-11 - Anuket: Practice and Plan of Network Intelligent Collaborative Innovation in LFN Thoth Introduce the practical experience and follow-up plan of Anuket Thoth project in the network intelligent ecological construction.

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    2022-11 - Anuket: Remote Work Session

    Review of Anuket Work and Work Streams

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    2022-11 - Plenary: Anuket Day 1 Problem Statement Bazaar vs. Cathedral

    Should LFN communities be building functioning platforms or build components that work in multiple environments?

    How can we build the RI2 Lab for community adoptability? 

    An RI2 implementation id being constructed in UNH. How can the Community take advantage of it?

    Ensuring Stronger Collaborative efforts:

    • New TSC criteria?
    • New task/topic leader criteria?
    • New balances between TSC and Project decisions?
    • New commitments?

    How do we validate the value created by our projects and how do we get more adoption and contributors?

    LFN documentation self help group/ Cross Community Documentation best practices

    Community release management. How to learn it from projects already doing it?

Tungsten Fabric Topics

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XGVela Topics

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    2022-11 - XGVela: Introduction about XGVela Release 11.2022 — 45min

    We'll present some important progress XGVela team has made in Release 11.2022. This year, we have complete the development and documentation of cloud native OAM, which is a group of operation and management functions for upper layer management systems to manage NFs. Key functions of cloud native OAM include NF register, NF management, NF business topology management, NF configuration management, NF performance management, NF alaarm management, and NF log management. 

ODIM Topics

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EMCO Topics

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L3AF Topics

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5G Super Blueprint Topics