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Seshu gives a more detailed overview of the ONAP-EMCO Integration he has been working on. He has briefed Srini on it earlier this week. 

This PoC was inspired by March mini Summit where ONAP and EMCO integration was discussed as an objective and how to achieve it. 

Seshu is the PTL for the ONAP Service Orchestrator (SO)

PoC Objectives

  • Keep changes minimal in ONAP- leverage existing building blocks
  • No changes to EMCO
  • Model driven approach- built entirely from laptops to demonstrate small footprint requirement
  • Extensible

Tracking Nephio in future to determine impact there. 

Developed a Portal to access the Portal

Uses ONAP SO and CNF Adapter. EMCO deploys applications the Edge Cluster. 

Also leverages Homing and Run Time Catalog of ONAP

The PoC at this stage is only to showcase, with minimal changes to ONAP, that EMCO can provide some of the application deployment capabilities. 

Later, we can exploit unique features of EMCO like multi clustr support, placement inteligence, Service Mesh automation. 

Seshu gave a detailed execution flow sequence to demonstrate how ONAP and EMCO work together to complete execution

Future Agenda Items

  • EMCO Hi-level Messaging Framework (Similar to Anuket)
  • EMCO LF Training (Brandon)
  • EMCO Days Event in the Fall (Virtual or Physical) (Brandon)

Incubation review

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