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With Intel stepping away from the project, which includes the TSC chair,  it was decided by the remaining active TSC Representatives to forego the election of a replacement TSC chair and move forward without a TSC chair at this time, as allowed by Section 2g of the Project Technical Charter. The current TSC is comprised of the representatives below.

TSC Appointments-

Company Name TSC RepresentativeTSC Alternate RepresentativeRole

Nadathur Sundar ( 

VerizonRavi Chunduru (
Aarna NetworksAmar Kapadia  ( SharmaTAC Representative

Avi Chapnick (

Tech Mahindra

Milind Jalwadi Milind Jalwadi (


Timo Perala (


Oleg Berzin (

Calsoft Inc

Anshul Sharma(



Victor Morales (

CanGo Networks

Anbu Ganesh(

Orangeilhem fajjariGrzegorz Panek

**************Below is Archived ************

The stepping down of TSC Chair (Cathy Zhang) on July 12, 2022 requires a nomination period and vote and for replacement Chair.

The following guidelines and timeline are put forth:


  • Anyone currently on the TSC may self-nominate, or be nominated for TSC Chair during the nomination period.
  • Once nomination period has closed a voting period will open. All those currently on the TSC are eligible to vote for TSC Chair.
  • If only one person is nominated for TSC Chair, then the vote will be that person verse “No Confidence”, which is standard procedure.
  • The TSC Chair nominee who receives 7 votes will be elected the new TSC Chairperson.
  • Vote will be conducted using OpaVote.

Timeline- the timeline is set with consideration that we are in peak summer holiday season.

  • TSC Chair Nomination Period opens: July 13, 2022
  • TSC Chair Nomination Period closes: July 22, 2022 - the nomination period has ended.
  • TSC Chair voting period begins: July 25, 2022 - the voting period has opened.
  • TSC Chair voting period ends: August 02, 2022 - The voting period has ended; Congratulations Sundar!


TSC Chair


Marketing Advisory Council

IntelMAC Liaison

TAC Representative

Aarna NetworksTAC Representative

***** Below documents the original project TSC Chair, TAC Representative, and MAC Liaison nominations and elections for the original formation of the project. Below is considered archieved ****

Nomination period ends on  . The nomination period has ended

Vote (OpaVote platform) starts  . Note- only TSC Members in the table above will be voting for the roles of TSC Chair, MAC Liaison, and TAC Representative

Vote ends  Voting has ended. Results:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate/sticky,,,20,2,0,87544148,previd=1639407567110285730,nextid=1637360511838143174&previd=1639407567110285730&nextid=1637360511838143174

Nominations for MAC Liaison

Bob MonkmanIntel

Nominations for TAC Representative

Amar KapadiaAarna Networks
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